Star cast of upcoming film “Ruslaan” visits Galgotias University for promotional event

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On April 22nd, Galgotias University witnessed a surge of enthusiasm as the star cast of the upcoming film “Ruslaan” came to the campus for a promotional event. Led by the talented Aayush Sharma, known for his heart-winning performances in movies like “Loveyatri” and “Antim”, alongside the radiant Ms. Sushrii Mishra, the event promised a thrilling experience for the attendees.

The event commenced with a vibrant introduction of the actors and the director, Karan Bhutani, igniting excitement among the gathered crowd. The audience warmly welcomed the actors with applause and anticipation, as they embarked on their promotional tour across various cities, with Galgotias University being their chosen venue this time. As a customary part of their tour, the cast revealed a significant letter ‘A’ pertaining to the movie, further fueling curiosity among the spectators.

The highlight of the event was the screening of the movie trailer, which captivated the audience with its blend of action, drama, and romance. The auditorium resonated with cheers and applause as the trailer concluded, indicative of the anticipation surrounding the film. Following the screening, the actors engaged in interactive session with the audience, further strengthening the bond between the cast and the fans. With their presence leaving a lasting impression, the stars bid farewell amidst a backdrop of excitement and anticipation for the release of “Ruslaan”.

Overall, the movie promotion event at Galgotias University was a resounding success, characterized by fervent energy and enthusiastic participation, marking another milestone in the journey of “Ruslaan” towards its cinematic debut.

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