5 Reasons Why You Should Play Snake and Ladder Game Online

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Board games have been a part of our lives since time immemorial. We had seen our grandparents play with us when we were very young. Even our parents played with us. After growing up, we played with our siblings, cousins, and friends. The snake and ladder game is one such game. We have been playing for years. But today, we have gotten accustomed to everything online, including playing games. Snake and ladder game is also available online and is used by many to have a good time with friends even when they are not within reach and live far away from each other.

How to Play Snake and Ladder Game: 

The snake and ladder game is one such game that does not consume too much of your time for you to play just one round of the game. The rules and regulations are pretty simple and easy to remember, but they can sometimes get on your nerves because of their repetitive nature. Firstly, the thing we need to have to play the snake and ladders board game is the said board itself. Generally, we can find this game on the same board as the Ludo game set. But sometimes, a different board just for this game is available. A maximum of four players can play this game at a time because of only four varieties of colors available in the game, like in Ludo. If you are playing it online, you won’t need the board as the online game has everything available already. 

Next comes the place where you decide your color, as you have four options red, blue, yellow, and green. The player with the red coins can start by throwing the dice in the game, and then they are followed by blue, yellow, and green, respectively. Throw the dice to get numbers from one to six. The board is filled with snakes and ladders, which are the central part of the game. 

The first player to get number one on the dice has the opportunity to start the game. The particular board has numbers from one to hundred. There is a snake head on a few, but the body has gone down to another number. You will find a ladder on some numbers that go up to another numerical. Eventually, the person who reaches the number hundred wins. 

5 Reasons to Play Snake and Ladders Games Online: 

Even though we are not comfortable with our kids always playing video games and other online games, at times, we should be thankful for it as well. There are many legit reasons which can prove why we should all play board games like the snake and ladder game online, and those are:

  1.     It is not Complicated!

Board games are one of the favorite pastimes for bored people. The Snake and Ladder game is nothing complicated like other video games and does not need enough skills to play.

  1.     Help you to Earn money!

The snake ladder game can also be a fair way to earn money. Nowadays, income through games online has become a regular thing. People play many games on the computer that enable them to gain cash online just by playing. Hence, playing the snakes and ladders game online can be used this way.

  1.     Smoothly Accessible!

The best reason to play the snake and ladder game online is the easy accessibility. You can start playing this game anywhere at any point in time whenever you are bored. You won’t have to carry any extra game-related items like the board and stuff at all. You can open your mobile and start playing as it does not need a lot of internet usage either.

  1.     You Make Friends and Feel Less Lonely!

Even if you have problems making friends or do not have enough people in your life with whom you can sit down and enjoy a round of the snake ladder game, then playing it online can solve your problem. You will get acquainted with new people from all over the world and will be able to enjoy the game to its fullest without having any personal interaction with them.

  1.     Less Opportunity to Cheat! 

The chance of your teammates cheating in the online game is zero.


Even with time, the practice of playing board games is going away, but thankfully due to their availability online, kids these days are still interested in these games. Snake and ladder game used to be a game that everyone knew and adored. Why not? It was still appreciated due to its fantastic short, even though the game can sometimes get on your nerves. Moreover, the game was an efficient way of getting you out of boredom. Snake and ladder game tips and practice will increase your chances to win the game against your opponent.  So, kids in the future should also know about the snake and ladder game, even if to play it online.

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