61% of Mumbaikars feel sleepy at work

Mumbai, March 27, 2023:  Wakefit.co, one of India’s largest D2C sleep and home solutions providers, recently released its 6th edition of its annual Great Indian Sleep Scorecard (GISS) 2023. The report attempts to decipher the sleep patterns and trends of Indians. Popularly known as the city that never sleeps, the report indicated that 70% of Mumbaikars went to bed post 11pm, while the ideal time to go to bed is 10.00pm. Despite going to bed closer to midnight, 29% of the city’s population was up between 7 to 8am. It is important to note that 49% of the residents did not feel refreshed on waking up. Further findings from Mumbai have been elucidated below.


Rising sleep debt

In 2023, 61% of Mumbai reportedly felt drowsy while at work, as compared to 53% in 2022. There was a 34% rise in Mumbaikars feeling tired and exhausted in the morning since last year. High sleep debt is one of the foremost causes of excessive daytime sleepiness, leading to the likelihood of people nodding off at work. While maintaining a bedroom environment that is conducive to sleep is key, the report indicated that 43% Mumbaikars felt their bedroom environment has been impacting their sleep.


Digital scrolling leads to late nights

It is a proven fact that switching off from digital devices at least one hour before bedtime is optimal for healthy sleep. However, the GISS report indicated that a steady 37% of Mumbaikars were up late at night browsing through social media, while 88% reported using their phones just before bedtime. The report also revealed that 31% of Mumbaikars were up at night worrying about their future. Insomnia was another key factor troubling Mumbai, with 1 in 3 residents thinking they have been affected by it.


In Mumbai, every place is a bed

A prevalent practice for Mumbaikars in 2023 was to sleep in places other than their beds, contributing to their abject sleep problems. The report indicated that 37% of Mumbai’s population was sleeping in places other than their beds. Having a dedicated sleep space is central to building a positive sleep habit and thereon empowering greater sleep affinity. Additionally, the quality of sleep is greatly affected by the quality of mattresses used by people. 38% of Mumbai’s population felt that using a better mattress is likely to improve their quality of sleep.


The Great Indian Sleep Scorecard is an ongoing survey and the 2023 edition received over 10,000 responses, recorded from March 2022 to February 2023. It covers respondents in all Indian cities, across age groups, and various demographics. The survey has collected close to 2.1 lakh responses to date for the last six years.

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