Accused Released after 10 year sentence found guilty of Double Murder in Greater Noida

Saurabh Kumar

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28/10/2017    Saurabh Kumar

On October 1 a case was registered by Sanjay son of Deshraj a resident of Santosh Nagar colony in Surajpur police station.

The incident was of his mother’s murder when she had gone for buying groundnuts. During the same time she was murdered by some unidentified person and the body was disposed near bus stand of Santosh Nagar.

Also in different incident of same area a nine year old child Inderjeet son of Amar Singh was also found murdered when he went for buying vegetables and did not return and later his body recovered from nearby forest.

In both the incidents a police teams were deployed and after a consistent efforts police was able to nab the culprit named Balraj son of Khemchand resident Tilpata, Surajpur police station on 21 October from Santosh Nagar bus stand Tilapata, Surajpur.

After severe interrogation he admitted his indulgence in both the crime. And on information provided by him a pair sleepers belonging to victim Rambati were also recovered which were identified by her relatives as well.

Now culprit will be presented before magistrate. As per police Balraj also had criminal history as in past he used to target minor women, children & people who are in the state of intoxication and after sexually assaulting them he murdered them by strangling.

In past he was also sentenced for 10 years in similar incident.

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