Amity University Haryana’s Plantation Drive Advances Sustainable Development & Environmental Awareness


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Amity University Haryana conducted a successful Plantation Drive on August 29, 2023, a collaborative effort between The Amity School of Earth & Environmental Sciences and the Horticulture Department. The event received the honourable presence of Prof P. B. Sharma, Vice Chancellor, Amity University Haryana.

The core objective of the Plantation Drive was to raise consciousness about the pivotal role of sustainable development and environmental conservation.

During the event, Prof P. B. Sharma, shared valuable insights on the concept of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Prof Sharma talked about how it’s really important to take care of our planet’s delicate systems so that both the people who are living now and those who will come after us can have a happy, heathy and blissful life. He said that the  Sustainable Development Goals are really important because they show us how human progress and taking care of the environment are interconnected. Prof Sharma also said that  we all, including the young students should make  Sustainability a core value and an important part of our character skills so that protect both the people and the planet. We should realise that what we do now shall decide the future of the coming generations. On this day we must commit ourselves to leave behind a far better and a lush green world than we have today.

In essence, the Plantation Drive not only symbolized the physical act of planting trees but also served as a platform for intellectual and moral growth. The event enriched students understanding of environmental issues and also inspired them to become active agents of change, taking up the mantle of environmental protection and preservation of natural resources with a renewed sense of unconditional commitment.

The coordination of the event was led by Dr. Prof I. S. Thakur, Dr. Vivek K. Ballyan, and Horticulture Officer  Ms. Priya Bameta.  The plantation drive witnessed enthusiastic participation from students and faculty members spanning various disciplines. A momentous accomplishment was marked by the planting of over 1000 plants, encompassing a diverse array of native species.

The event was participated by  Deans, Heads of Institutions, faculty members and large number of students who participated with a lot of enthusiasm. The notable presence of  Maj Gen G. S. Bal, Maj Gen PK Sharma, Rear Admiral K. K. Pandey, Prof Rajesh Nair, Prof Sumit Narula, Prof Sanjna Vij, and Prof Satish Sardana made the event even more special and important.

It may be added that Amity University Haryana campus is a LEED platinum certified campus show casing a depo commitment to Sustainability at all levels of campus development and green practices include extensive rain  water harvesting, treatment of entire waste water and it’s effective recycle and reuse, solar power plants and a lush green cover for campus buildings designed for energy efficiency and green building design standards  in essence the AUH campus offers excellent environment of living and learning in harmony with Nature, said Vice Chancellor Prof PB Sharma.

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