Antibiotic resistance a threat to human health

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New Delhi: Lack of knowledge in antibiotics resistance is dangerous which sometimes leads towards the death, said Professor Anita Kotwani, Head of Pharmacology Department, Vallabhbhai Patel Chest Institute (VPCI) in a public lecture on ‘Use and Misuse of Antibiotics’ on Wednesday at Vallabhbhai Patel Chest Institute (VPCI) Delhi.

In a bit to create awareness about appropriate use of antibiotics and impact of antibiotic resistance in the society, VPCI hold a public lecture on the Use and Misuse of Antibiotics, where researchers and doctors shared their views and slew of suggestion to use it.

While speaking on the over-prescribing and inappropriate use of antibiotics in the community Professor Kotwani stressed that adequate knowledge and awareness about antibiotic resistance is necessary.Therefore, community sensitization will contribute towards controlling the misuse of antibiotics to combat antibiotic resistance and save the effective antibiotics for future generations.

Antibiotics are vital to modern medicine and antibiotic resistance is an urgent threat to human health.
Today’s threat of widespread antimicrobial resistance (AMR) and simultaneously, downward trend of development of new antibiotics raises the prospect of a world without effective antibiotics, where a patient can die from previously treatable infections.

It is well established that the rapid increase in development of antibiotic resistance is due to over-prescribing and inappropriate use of antibiotics. Antibiotic consumption is highest in the community.

Reducing unnecessary antibiotics use is essential to mitigate antibiotic resistance said Professor Raj Kumar, Director (Acting) of VPCI, in the beginning of the lecture.

He stressed that avoiding overuse requires health care professionals and the public to be well informed about use and misuse of antibiotics, as set out in the first objective of the World Health Organization Global Action Plan and in National Action Plan on AMR prepared by Government of India.

Following the event, Director, National Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) Dr AC Dhariwal said that the audience that Government of India has taken cognizance of the emergence of antibiotic resistance and has accordingly prepared a National Action Plan involving different Ministries and Departments like Health, Agriculture, Pharma, Drug Controller, Environment etc., in 2017. Community and its leaders, teachers and preachers participation and understanding of the problem and solution is very important for combating the menace of antibiotic resistance.

Dr Sunil Gupta, Additional Director, Head Microbiology Division, NCDC, talked about the Framework for AMR surveillance and current trends of AMR is alarming in the country and it needs urgent attention.

As many as 300 people participated in this Programme where experts also answered queries.

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