Assembly Elections 2018: “National Discourse will change”, Says Salman Khurshid, After Exit Polls Indicate Close Contest

Saurabh Kumar

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Greater Noida (10/12/2018) : Ten News Caught up with Salman Kurshid and had a brief conversation with him at the annual day celebrations of Delhi World Public School, Greater Noida.

Sharing his experience among children’s he said “I have been visiting schools from last 25 to 30 years but the level of energy, entheusasiam, participation of whole school is absolutely brilliant. I think the younger the kids the more confident they are and if we look after these kids well then itself this would be a great national service. Over all it’s a very delighted and incredible experience for me.”

TN : You have been External Affairs Minister in past, so where you look India standing today internationally?

SK: This question there are two different things, India standing is more of its permanent nature. The size of India its personality its economy. But our relations with our neighboring countries like Pakistan is not like something we can be very excited about it including china. From USA we got only empty words and with Russia we don’t have that special relation that we use to have in past so on International front I don’t find this government performance very satisfactory or good.

TN: What is your view on likely outcome of Assembly election results?

SK: Exit polls were showing on 11th December national discourse will change and we will certainly perform well in the two major states of India Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh. And this saying of BJP “Congress Mukt Bharat” will be thrown in dustbin.

TN: Ram Mandir issue is back again what’s your view on it ?

SK: Why does only Ram Mandir issue is relevant why does not Ram become relevant. Ram is permanent you can think of what kind of people they were who only remembers Ram during a certain time period. You cannot reduce Ram to an election manifesto element god is much larger than that and doesn’t belong to any individual or a particular party.

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