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Apparel Training and Design Centre (ATDC), Gurgaon, has vowed to make youth aware of the dangers of driving recklessly by actively launching “Road Safety Campaign” Program. The event began today at the intersection of HUDA Metro Station, Sec-44, Gurgaon. The campaign was launched in the presence of Sri Jai Bhan Tyagi, the Traffic-in-charge, East Gurgaon; Sri Karan Singh & Sri Naresh Kumar, the East Zonal Traffic Officer, Gurgaon; Sri G. D. Gaur, HR Director, ATDC; Dr. Lal, ATDC-TOT Head; and Ms. Shalini Sharma; Principle, ATDC Gurgaon.

The campaign kick-started with nearly 40 students of ATDC Gurgaon regulating the traffic, accompanied by traffic instructors from the East Gurgaon, with the aim of spreading awareness of abiding by road safety rules and educating people about do’s and don’ts while driving vehicle on the road.

Speaking on the occasion Jai Bhan Tyagi, Traffic-In-Charge, Gurgaon, said, “Through this initiative of ATDC, the citizens will receive a positive message. The students are contributing to national awareness by making people understand the importance of Road safety. They are playing important role as responsible citizens by educating the rule-breakers to wear their helmets and follow the traffic rules and guidelines.”

ATDC students were divided into 8-10 groups for monitoring the traffic at red light intersection. With guidelines for safe driving written on placards, ATDC students distributed pamphlets and monitored the vehicle drivers to follow traffic rules. Student distributed “ATDC Batch” to the drivers with a smile as a reminder for maintaining road safety.

Shalini Sharma, Principal, ATDC Gurgaon said, “Today’s society is quite youth oriented, hence we have chosen our students to make people aware about the ‘Road Safety’. It is important that our society undertand the importance of traffic rules on road so that they can prevent many mis-happenings.”

The event witnessed enthusiastic participation from a all present at the campain. The passers-by appreciated the initiative of the participants, Ms Shivangad Gill, a passer-by said, “Spreading awareness about the importance of road safety rules and regulations is very important as on today, and this is a very good initiative by ATDC Students. The everyday traffic problems that we face can be reduced with such positive champain.”

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