‘Bigg Boss 17’: Rinku Dhawan shares cryptic post over eviction

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Mumbai, Jan 1 (IANS) Rinku Dhawan, who recently got eliminated from ‘Bigg Boss 17’, has shared a cryptic post on her social media listing the unfair moments from this season of the television reality show.

She made a post saying that there have been four unfair evictions. She wrote: “1. Neil – Nominated for entire season by contestants for no reason. 2. Rinku – though it was her time to leave but again, she was nominated by cheating and the entire lot was nominated by a single contestant.”

“3. Aishwarya – yahan to personal grudge nikala ek mandbudhdhi contestant ne. 4. Kon nikla hai dikh hi jayega. Unfair and Baised. Atleast fair hone ka naataak toh nahi kiya like last seasons,” she added.

After walking out of the house of the reality show, Rinku spoke with the media about her experience in the show. While she heaped praise on Munawar Faruqui for playing his game “dil se”, she slammed Mannara for not having any control over what she speaks during an argument.

Rinku, with a straight face, said: “I had a face off with Mannara twice during this season and they were because of her not having any control over what she speaks, and she doesn’t realise what she is talking about. This is a flaw which I have told her about many times directly. It’s a flaw and I do understand that it won’t go away so easily.”

She further mentioned: “Mannara is also a huge attention-seeker and believes in only one-sided friendships so, I think I had to call it off because that is not my perception of maintaining relationships.”

After exiting the show, Rinku received a warm welcome from her family.



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