BJP government has reimagined and reinvented business in the country, says PM Modi

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New Delhi (India), 18th February 2023: Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the crowd in New Delhi on Friday at the 7th Economic Times Business Global Summit 2023. PM Modi touched on the topic of taxpayers, reinvention of India as a business icon, the strong stance displayed by India during the Covid pandemic and the development of business opportunities that their Government has introduced since 2014.

The ET Global Business Summit explores the macroeconomic challenges faced by India and at this year’s Summit, Prime Minister Narendra Modi attempted to provide answers for the same. Answering queries regarding tax and taxpayers

Modi said that taxpayers are happy to pay tax and are more likely to pay tax once they are assured that their money is being used for the benefit and betterment of the country. He thanked the people for placing their trust in his Government and stated that their fundamental aim is to uplift the poor, provide them with basic facilities of banking, sanitisation and cooking gas. He further affirmed the strength of India as an economy on a Global front and how the tactics they employed during the Covid 19 pandemic were exemplary and will always be a matter of pride.

The Prime Minister criticised his predecessors and pointed out their lack of sensitivity towards the country. He mentions that before 2014 the UPA government put India’s development at stake by indulging in multiple scams and deceived the people of the country.

Mr. Modi said that since coming to power the paradigm has changed and now India is being identified as an anti-fragile economy, a country who knows how to convert a challenger into opportunity. He said that his government has reimagined and reinvented business in the country which he further focused would be helpful in uplifting the poorest people in the country and aid them in contributing to the economy itself.

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