Amazon switches to hybrid model, implements weekly three day work from office

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New Delhi (India),18th February 2023: Amazon CEO Andy Jassy on Friday sent out a mass memo to his employees asking them to return to office for three days per week. The memo will be effective from May 1. Amazon joins the list of companies who are shifting back to an in-office style of working after the Covid-19 Global pandemic.

The CEO stated that this move comes after a meeting that was held between senior officials of the company this week. Earlier it was up to the team leaders to determine whether the team will work in a hybrid mode or will follow a complete work from home module and operate virtually.

Amazon CEO stated that the company will be able to work in a more proficient and collaborative manner if they interact in an in-office setting. Furthermore, he said that employees coming back to office will also be benfetial for local businesses and help the local economy. Some roles will be exempted from this memo but those roles will be very limited in number.

Amazon follows suit of many other companies such as Starbucks who asked their employees to return to the office last month. After receiving a mass layoff letter last month, Amazon employees will return to office in nervous anticipation as the company is planning to cut down nearly 18,000 roles across the globe.

Other tech companies such as Google who is planning to lay off nearly 12,000 employees, Microsoft nearly 10,000 employees and Salesforce who are also planning to layoff employees in a large number due to a looming economic recession.

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