BJP MP Parvesh Verma’s delivers inflammatory speech, calls for completely boycotting a community


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New Delhi, 10 October 2022: BJP MP from West Delhi, Parvesh Verma has called for the “complete boycott” of “these people” at a “Virat Hindu Sabha” held by the local chapter of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad and other Hindu organizations on Sunday. But he made no mention of any specific community.

He had stated, wherever you see them, I suggest that there is only one treatment, and that is a complete boycott if you want to clear their brains… Are you in agreement? If you concur, raise your hand. Say with me, “We will totally boycott them, we won’t purchase anything from their stores, and we won’t hire them.”

When asked about his call for a boycott, MP Verma had said that he had not specified any particular religious group. “What I suggested was that these families should be shunned since their members commit such murders. If such families own a restaurant or other establishment, they ought to be avoided. Such crimes have also occurred in my neighborhood. And in these situations, their company needs to be boycotted,” he added.

A controversial statement or statements are also allegedly made by a religious leader, Mahant Nawal Kishore Das, who stated, “I did not advise them to pick up guns. I argued that everyone should band together to protect our country from those responsible for Manish’s murder. Police cannot stop us from taking action against jihadis.

The gathering took place in Northeast Delhi’s Dilshad Garden to protest the killing of Manish, a man who was stabbed more than 20 times while walking home in Sunder Nagri, East Delhi, last week. Six people have been detained in connection with the case: Sajid, Aalam, Bilal, Faizan, Mohsin, and Shakir. The incident, according to the police, was the result of an old feud.

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