BJP slams AAP for fooling people in name of Jan Lokpal and Full statehood to Delhi

Talib Khan (Photo-Video) Lokesh Goswami Tennews New Delhi :

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New Delhi, (4/5/2019): Elections in Delhi are about to take place and political parties have started their political campaigns with full pace. Since, there will be a triangular contest in Delhi between the Congress, BJP and AAP, the blame game on each other are on a swing.

Today, BJP leader and Union Minister Vijay Goel along with National Vice President Shyam Jaju conducted a press conference in the Delhi office. In the conference Vijay Goel slammed Arvind Kejriwal for releasing the same manifesto with same promises thrice.

Vijay Goel said, “Arvind Kejriwal only knows how to make fool of people and take benefits from them by making fake promises. In 2013 when AAP formed against the Congress’s corruption came with a manifesto in which they promise to bring Jan Lokpal Bill, Swaraj Act and to resolve many other problems like electricity, water, affordable housing, welfare of Villages, Women Security, Education, and authorization of unauthorized colonies in Delhi”.

“Again in 2015 they came with the same promises. Now in these elections he again came with the same promises, which shows that Aam Aadmi Party is not able to complete any promise of theirs and has not done any work for the welfare of the national capital”.

“Now he says that he wants Full statehood, i want to ask how he will get this why is he even making this a promise. When Kejriwal have problems in working with LG, MCD and Central Government, how can he even think and make fool of the people”, he added.

People will show him in these elections and Delhi General elections that they want BJP in the Centre and State.

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