BJP’s Vijay Goel burns AAP Manifesto ahead of Delhi Assembly Election


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New Delhi (05/02/2020): Voting for the Delhi Assembly elections is to be held on February 8. All parties have released their respective manifestos.

A day before, the Aam Aadmi Party released a manifesto for the elections. On the other hand, on Wednesday, BJP protested and burned the Aam Aadmi Party’s manifesto at Jantar-Mantar.

BJP’s Vijay Goel while burning the manifesto, said, “AAP is a party based on lies and will soon collapse to the ground this year. BJP is the only party that works for the betterment of nation and now it’s high time to make BJP win by casting highest number of votes this election.”

Also, speaking to ANI in an interview on Wednesday, Kejriwal said, “After all their attempts at branding me as a terrorist failed, now the BJP has started misusing Delhi Police. BJP is frustrated and Amit Shah is now using all kinds of cheap tricks, hours before the elections in desperation.”

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