Buddha International Circuit to Host Moto GP Race

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New Delhi (India), March 11, 2023: The Buddha International Circuit (BIC) in the Yamuna Authority area is set to host the world’s second-most-watched Grand Prix motorcycle race, the Moto GP.

The event, which has been agreed upon in a meeting between Moto GP Management and JP Group on the initiative of the Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority, is expected to take place from September 22 to 24.

According to reports, Moto GP management will be responsible for preparing the Buddha International Circuit for the bike race. The discussion at the event involved Dactor Arunveer Singh, CEO of Pushkar Nath Srivastava Yamuna Authority, and the operating CEO of Fairstreet Sports, an Indian company that organizes the Moto GP race.

The Yamuna Authority received a letter last month requesting the Buddha International Circuit be made race-ready. It is estimated that approximately 40 crores will be required to repair the circuit for the bike race, with the responsibility for covering the costs remaining unclear. Following a meeting with Fair Street Spot’ers and the Yamuna Authority, a decision was made to grant the Moto GP management rights for the bike race, with JP Group bearing the expenditure.

The Buddha International Circuit, which is currently under the jurisdiction of the Yamuna Authority, is set to hold three races a year, including the Moto GP race. The stakeholders will also book tickets for the race and share the profits to be made, with the details of this arrangement to be decided soon.

After a decade, the Yamuna Expressway is expected to return to its former glory as the BIC prepares to host the bike race. Following the last Formula One race held at BIC ten years ago, the circuit has been unable to secure another F1 race. However, hosting the Moto GP race is expected to elevate Greater Noida’s profile on the global stage and create numerous employment opportunities in the region.

It is believed that hosting a Moto GP race can significantly boost the GDP, with a reported increase of 4.9 wherever the event is held. With the name of the Buddha International Circuit now recorded in the calendar of the Moto GP Bike Race, excitement is building in anticipation of this thrilling event.

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