Compliancy with no room for complacency will clinch it for BJP – Bipin Sharma

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If Narendra Modi has been successful in silencing his staunch critics and opponents by winning the 2014 polls with a thumping majority, his policies and judicious working approach on day to day basis will not just repose the faith of his die hard supporters and admirers on him, but will also play a key role in winning him the affection of a substantial percentage of his opponents. The transition phenomenon from Modi banters to being Modi admirers will in turn play an indispensable role in Modi emerging as a clear cut favourite for the position of PM in 2019 general elections.

“You reap what you sow”, goes the saying, and this is exactly what the BJP and their allies must bear in mind if they nurture the desire to serve the country beyond 2019. While compliancy connoting inclusive governance, steady pace of developmental works and economy redemption are three key factors, the ruling party should ensure that there is no scope for complacency.

From 16 May when election results were announced to his assuming the office of India’s 15th Prime Minister, Modi has maintained a no nonsense stance and refrained from any noticeable public display of exultation following his historic victory that led to the rout of the grand old party of the country.

His party MP’s and BJP workers should take a leaf out of their leader’s books by towing the similar path and shunning any complacency that normally ensues when a party is voted to power with such unprecedented victory margins.

For the considerable segment of the minorities that voted for Modi, it is time for him to come up to their expectations by vociferously condemning ghastly incidents of hate crime committed by fanatics and the fringe elements. The BJP leaders are the helm of affairs need to come out of their dens to sternly condemn the gruesome murder of Mohsin Sadiq Shaikh by Hindu Rashtrya Sena (HRS) both through social media as well as on the national TV. It has to be no tokenism, but a robust communication from the top BJP brass that will actually convince the minorities that they need to shun all phobias and apprehensions about their safety. If the BJP bigwigs manage to send a strong message to the various minority groups, it would explicitly insinuate that the newly sworn government does mean business, and stands pledged to not just ensure their wellbeing, but is resolute in handing out an exemplary punishment to the perpetrators of such atrocious hate crimes.

For a leader as sharp and updated as Modi, the least one can expect is a ‘stoic silence’ on issues as grave as violence against the minorities. Silence in such sensitive matters will not only invite the wrath of the civil society, but will give enough fodder to the opposition to take him heads on.

Modi should perpetually be conscious that the electorate of the country expects him to literally get the moon implying in simpler tone that miracles are expected of him in the context of resurrecting the economy reeling under a severe crisis, job creation, putting brakes on neck breaking price rise index and the rampant corruption etc.

Getting embroiled in gratuitous controversies or issues will only complicate matters for PM Modi, and more lucidly speaking, result in sheer loss of precious time and energy.

It is imperative for PM’s advisory team to keep him abreast with the latest happenings so that he could respond with the citizens accordingly on a regular basis.

At the time of this present article going to press, PM Modi himself had not uttered a word on the ghastly murder of Mohsin Sadiq Shaikh which surely is not a good precursor of things to come.

For PM Modi to usher in novel reforms and bring about a paradigm shift in the working of the central government, Modi has to convince him that he is going to last not one, but two terms atleast. That said, he has to simultaneously pledge that the next term that he is desiring stems not out of any vested intent, but solely because of his passion and love for his ‘Motherland’.

A strong sense of jubilation can be felt and experienced all around the country ever since Modi took charge as India’s Prime Minister simply because citizens have finally got a dynamic and result oriented People’s PM after an agonizingly long hiatus.

A stable government is the best antidote in these trying times for the country as it will give the ruling government a free hand to usher in new reforms and policies for the larger interests of the citizens.

Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi would have many hearts had be gone down fighting as the PM nominee from Congress. While the Congress think tanks were dead averse to naming Rahul as their PM candidate, the grand old party of the country would have posed a tough challenge to Modi led central government had Rahul Gandhi accepted the role of the Leader of Opposition (LOP).

There is a general feeling shared by the political veterans that the least that the Congress could have done as a ‘face saver’ was by nominating Rahul as the LOP in the Lower House of the Parliament.

Critics as well as the political adversaries are bound to conclude that Rahul is not just confident about his competence as a LOP, but is just not willing to make those additional efforts on a continual basis in the capacity of LOP. The role of the Leader of Opposition entails him or her to be well versed with the latest in the world besides doing a comprehensive scrutiny of the ruling government’s policies, actions and inactions.

Rahul’s deafening silence and shying away from taking up a substantial role in the Parliament has invoked mixed reactions from all over. One couldn’t agree more with the country’s ace TV Anchor Arnab Goswami when he quite aptly wondered if by shying from assuming the role of LOP, Rahul had become some sort of an Emeritus.

With such a frail opposition in the Lower House coupled with regional parties like the AIDMK and BJD giving innuendos of a possible outside issue based support to NDA, the day is not far when we would not only be having a stable NDA, but a ‘super NDA’ instead much to the chagrin of the UPA. From the days of a coalition government to an era of a super stable government, the proposition in hand, seems bright and beautiful. However in order to keep the ruling government on their toes, prominent old time parties antipathetic to the ideologies and working of BJP- NDA must join hands to keep the ruling party in check.

Goes the saying….Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely!!


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