Green Volunteers take pledge to bolster the Environment on World Environment Day – Article by Bipin Sharma

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World Environment Day was celebrated with great fervor on June 5 in Paryavaran Complex. To commemorate the momentous occasion, a special event was organized by V2 Motion Pictures, which saw an unprecedented participation of volunteers and activists along with the prominent personalities of the city.

The key highlight of the event was the tree plantation drive coupled with undertaking of a solemn pledge by all those present towards protecting the environment and ecology against various hazards and perils. After the traditional lighting of the lamp ceremony, a special form was given to the different participants wherein they were motivated to pledge their support towards protecting the Mother Earth. This was ensued by issuing an I-card to the Green volunteers for pledging their unstinting support towards protecting the environment. The distinguished guests evinced a keen desire to play their role in safeguarding the environment. There were numerous options for empanelment to choose from for the distinguished personalities and participants that ranged from Green Activists, Green Educators, Green Volunteers to Green Journalists, Green Healers, Green Medical Doctors, Green Thinkers, Green Philosophers, Green Institution Builders, Green Architects, Green Planners, Green Jurists, Green Politicians, Green Legislators, Green Scientists, Green Feminists, Green Metaphysicists, Green Peace Builder, Green Bureaucrats, Green Tourists etc.

Noted educationist and environmental scientist of the country Prof. Priya Ranjan Trivedi who happens to be the president of Confederation of Indian Universities was conferred the 2014 Award for his outstanding efforts in the field of environment and ecology by Vishal Salhotra, founder of Unlock concept of Medical Tourism seminar and lifestyle events. Speaking to the large gathering of participants and activists, Prof Trivedi enlightened them the pertinence of 2014 World Environment Day theme titled “Raise your voice, not the sea level.”


He urged the youngsters of the country to play a more significant role towards the environment by indulging in regular tree plantation drives and by inspiring people around them to put curbs on the rising levels of pollution. Prof Trivedi implored the attentive guests to be protective about the environment 365 days a year, rather than just a solitary day on 5th June because the pressures of population and technology were taking a toll on the biophysical environment.

“Factors namely environmental legislation, ethics and education play a crucial role in environmental protection. These factors have an impact on the national-level environmental decisions as well as personal-level environmental values and behaviors. If citizens are indeed serious to protect their environment, it is important for societies to develop and integrate each of these areas for subsequently paving the way for landmark environmental decisions”, cheered Prof Trivedi.

Sharing details about Prof Trivedi’s contribution to environment and ecology, Salhotra said, “Eminent educationist of the country Prof Trivedi has dedicated a lifetime towards protecting the environment by organizing myriads of workshops, seminars, symposiums, conferences all aimed at spreading widespread awareness about ecology and environment. He has authored numerous books and journals on environment. In his distinguished four decade long career, Dr Trivedi has etched his name in the books of history for having launched a one of its kind academic establishment titled “Indian Institute of Ecology and Environment” which offers post graduate course for students. This institute assumes immense significance in the wake of the grave threat of global warming looming large on mankind in the 21st century. The exclusively designed course curriculum is a meticulously thought initiative on the part of Prof. Trivedi to create a marked awareness amongst youths of the country towards sustainable environment, ecology, natural resources, bio diversity, pollution control, disaster management, sustainable development, ecological tourism, environmental education and waste minimization. Other programs conducted by the institute include ecological education in more than 1000 schools of Delhi in conjunction with the Government of Delhi and Clean up Delhi Campaign in sync with various municipal bodies and more than 3600 environmental NGOs in India, publication of more than 150 books, occasional monographs and encyclopedia’s. The 30 volume International Encyclopedia of Ecology and Environment published by the institute has been procured by most of the universities and research organizations in India.”


Vice president of Association of Greater Noida Industries Aditya Ghildyal applauded the assiduous efforts of Entrepreneur Vishal Salhotra who through the concept of “Unlock Medical Tourism Seminar” had been persistently according due importance to the subject of environment in all his seminars organized both in India and overseas. Amidst a thunderous applause, Ghildyal announced the launch of Salhotra’s latest “Unlock Environment” venture which is exclusively focused on environment and ecology, and will be organized at different destinations on a regular time frame round the year.

Spiritual healer and Clinic hypnotherapist Kavita Raj elucidated how Holistic system of treatment was effective enough to not just take care of different health hazards caused due to weather change in the present time, but with a few corrective changes in the lifestyle, it can successfully help in overcoming the effects of global warming.

The event concluded on a high note with participants from all walks of life raising their voice in unison towards protecting the environment amidst all adversities and challenges.WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY CELEBRATIONS AT PARYAVARAN COMPLEX SAKET (166)

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