Designer Niket Mishra hosts a grand launch event of Janvi Jaji’s “The Triump Drive”

By Bipin Sharma
City based Ace Designer Niket Mishra recently hosted the grand launch of teenage novelist Janvi Jaji’s book “The Trump Drive” at Oxford Bookstore in the capital.
Inspired by her grandfather’s life, author Janvi unfolds the story of Shiv who carves a niche for himself with his colossal talent and untiring efforts. From literally a ‘nobody’, Shiv goes on to become a ‘Man of Substance’. As he grew up watching his mother slogging it out as a breadwinner, he too follows in suit, to earn money early in his life. Success does not come on a platter for him, and despite failing and being cheated a myriad times, Shiv never gives up, and eventually goes to build an empire for himself with all the luxuries that one can aspire for. His journey is eventful and adventurous from his herculean struggles, mistakes, family issues, sorrows, betrayals, regrets to his accomplishments, and so on and so forth. But unlike the usual run of the mill stories, where success stays on with the central character of the novel or the book, Shiv’s success run sees an abrupt end, and does not remain permanent.
The city’s glitterati was in full attendance, and among the distinguished personalities seen gracing the event were noted laparoscopic and bariatric surgeon Dr. Pradeep Chowbey (Vice President Max Healthcare), Susmita Chowbey, Deepika Arora (Vice President Wyndham Hotel Group ) Actor Prachi Tehlan, Make Up Artist Shweta Sachani, Beauty Expert Bharti Taneja and Ex- Lieutenant Rita Gangwani to name a few.
The teenage author Janvi Aggarwal (Janvi Jaji) is a simpleton who is passionate for fictions and fan fictions. She is an internet buff and loves spending most of her leisure time surfing the web. Janvi wrote ‘The Triumph Drive’ casually as part of her summer vacations activity, and never imagined having it published, or for that matter, getting it launched on a grand rostrum. Well as good luck would have it, when the final book was finally completed, it inspired her family so much that they decided to get it published, and the rest as they say is history!!

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