Dexterix 2024 Hackathon Wraps Up at Galgotias University, Showcasing Innovation and Collaboration

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April 13-14, 2024 – Dexterix 2024, the leading hackathon event, concluded with great success at Galgotias University. With over 700 participants forming 145 teams, the event highlighted the ingenuity and collaborative spirit of bright minds from diverse backgrounds, including software developers, engineers, technologists, scientists, and designers.

Dexterix 4.0 was organized under the theme of addressing global challenges and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The event aimed to foster innovation and create real-world solutions across various domains, including fintech, sustainability, health and wellness, web3 and blockchain, security and cloud, education and accessibility, entertainment among other topics.

Dexterix 2024 had the privilege of hosting esteemed judges from various fields. Mr. Shivansh Srivastava, Full Stack Developer at Sottify; Abhimanyu Dwivedi, Cloud Engineer at Brightly; Sakshi Gupta, Software Engineer at Brighitty Software; Chhavi Garg, AR Creator & Trainer; Rohan Kumar, Software Development Engineer at BigPikto Latis; Piyush Chandra, Salesforce Developer; Hitesh Garg, Product Manager at Quickblocks; Himanshu Singh, Software Developer at InterralT; Sarthak Agarwal, Engineer at VectorShift; Shreyansh Deep, SDE at India Today; Rahul Chauhan, SDE 3 at Botmock; Saurav Das, Organizer at GDG Siligun; Ravi Saxena, Frontend Developer; Honey Sharma, Engineer at InfoEdge and Ashutosh.

The hackathon offered an array of prizes to encourage participation and excellence of All Girls and All Freshers Team with ₹5000, the first prize was ₹21,000; second prize was ₹15,000; third prize was ₹10,000

Dexterix 2024 not only fostered creativity but also emphasized the importance of sustainable development goals. With esteemed judges from diverse backgrounds, the hackathon ensured a fair and rigorous evaluation process. Dexterix 2024 celebrated inclusivity and talent. Overall, it served as a catalyst for nurturing the next generation of tech leaders committed to making a positive impact on society.

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