Domain registry site GoDaddy becomes victim of malware attack

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New Delhi (India), 20th February 2023: GoDaddy is a web hosting platform and one of the world’s largest domain registrars. The company made a statement this week that they had fallen victim to a hacking spree because of which company’s core data had been breached and their code has been stolen.

GoDaddy had been previously breached back in March of 2020 then again in November 2021. However the most recent breach happened in December 2022 when the company detected that their customers were being redirected to unregistered and malicious website.

The hackers installed malware and also stole core code from the company. The breach could only be detected after a few months and have left the company in a state of complete frenzy.

However, Go Daddy has said that appropriate authorities have been involved and the issues will be resolved accordingly. They are hoping that all the customer data and the logon credentials of senior officials that have been stolen will be successfully retrieved.

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