Earthquake tremors felt in Delhi-NCR, epicenter far from Gurugram

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Delhi-NCR resident were jolted by strong tremors of earthquake at around 7:00 PM on Friday evening. The tremors were so powerful that it was felt strongly by most residents and people residing in high-rises even rushed to open areas. The tremors lasted only for few seconds.

According to, National Center for Seismology it was a 4.7 in magnitude and 60 km southwest of Gurugram in Alwar district of Rajasthan. Its depth is said to be 35 Kilometer.

Unfortunately, Delhi falls under high risk seismic zones and its border towns are witness to mushrooming growth of high rise private buildings, mostly not adhering to guidelines of Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) set for earthquake resistant construction.

Meanwhile, a continuous series of tremors have filled many denizens with a lot of uncertainty with all kinds of rumors doing the round. The region has witnessed over 11 mild earthquake tremors since May this year.

Many experts also believe that the record of so many earthquakes in the region is majorly due to most dense concentration of seismometers in the areas near Delhi, which insure that even earthquakes of smaller magnitude, those that are not even felt by most people, are recorded, and this information is publicly accessible.

Out of the 115 detectors installed in the country, 16 are in or around Delhi.

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