Election Commissioner Highlights ECI’s Commitment to Free and Fair Elections in Karnataka

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New Delhi (India), March 12, 2023: Chief Election Commissioner, Rajiv Kumar, recently made a statement regarding the trust the Indian public has in the Election Commission of India (ECI) when it comes to conducting free and fair elections.

Speaking at a press conference in Bengaluru, Kumar stated that despite conducting 400 state assembly elections, 17 parliamentary elections, and 16 presidential and vice presidential elections thus far, the ECI gives an ‘agnipariksha’ (a test by fire) after each election to ensure the integrity of the process.

Kumar highlighted that India’s democracy has been able to successfully stabilize social, cultural, political, geographical, economic, and linguistic issues for the last 70 years due to the trust placed in election results by the Indian public. In comparison, he stated that many developed countries have faced challenges in recent times.

During his visit to Bengaluru, Kumar also assessed the preparedness for the upcoming Karnataka assembly election and announced that citizens over the age of 80 and people with disabilities will be able to vote from the comfort of their homes. This will be facilitated through a 12D form that will be made available to voters within five days of the election notification.

Kumar further highlighted that the current term of the Karnataka assembly will end on May 24, and the elections must be completed before then. With the ECI’s commitment to conducting free and fair elections, the upcoming Karnataka assembly election is expected to proceed smoothly, with all eligible citizens able to cast their vote, regardless of physical limitations.

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