Emotional Hedonism

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By Dr Anuj


No.. ..No, I will not..I can’t allow you to trespass the precipice of my psyche and the ramparts of positivity around the halo of my soul. I have taken a pledge that no one in this living world, or any thought or ghost of humanism from the bygone past, can even dig a hole in the heavy, concrete walls.

I am the steel frame of myself and my convictions and have the belief that it’s only me, who has to take care of my life and my soul.

It’s therapeutic to inculcate Hedonistic attitude towards work, towards people and towards ideas and happenings. No one has a control over the Whirlpool of events and also over the inadvertent behaviour of people around me.

It’s only my ‘perception’ and the resultant reaction that decides the actual pathway of my life.

Most important and pertinent is to acquire an ‘Emotional Hedonistic’ attitude. It becomes like flying in the zone of love and sensitivity. A mental state which every religion, Guru, or soothsayer has prophesized.

Do we need to react or give our point of view to each and every happening or event around us? Have we accepted the gauntlet, or launched a crusade to correct ever misguided soul that touches our mental halo?

Am I here to impart the knowledge of Hedonism?

No…I have just one life to live, and just few moments to understand my needs and my demands..I have some serious issues to be fulfilled through my financial, emotional and physical capacity.

If I don’t energize my own self and feel extremely capable, then how will I become the provider?

My emotional hedonism is my prayer and my unforeseen destination. The faster I scale that, the easier it will become to deal with the large segment of the society following me. I am the Pied Piper, playing the syllable of hedonistic music on my instrument. The fragile and haggard rats are following me in a vast herd. It is for me to show them the direction, the light of their destiny..

I have to be a positive hedonist. An Icon in myself to make the world look liveable and beautiful. Not that I am the crusader to bring peace in everyone’s life, but more significantly to bring peace and contentment in the years of my own survival.. This is the elixir of life that I have to formulate in the laboratory of my own life.


(Country’s top ranked hand surgeon and microsurgeon, Dr. Anuj presently serves as the Director of the Microsurgery Centre of Agra. He is a recipient of the prestigious P. N. Wahi Gold Medal for Pathology and B. C. Roy Gold Medal for Medicine.)


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