Escape rooms and their growing popularity: Here’s how to make the most of this experience

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New Delhi (India), Feb 20, 2023: Escape Rooms are a highly entertaining and challenging activity. They create a convivial atmosphere for people and could be a really enjoyable bonding experience for all the people involved. For a short sixty minutes of their lives people and their friends are propelled into a real life interactive puzzle. For those sixty minutes people are assisted in forgetting their day to day problems and ironically ‘escape’ their mundane lives.

Multiple people share their experience of escape rooms as a satisfying and exciting diversion that in a way was therapeutic. They felt that being trapped in a room and breaking free was similar to the way they are trapped in their brain.

Along with this escape rooms offer an all inclusive and holistic experience which demands the participant to not only use their intellect but other sensory abilities like listening skills, awareness of their surroundings and touching and feeling the objects to solve the puzzles. The time limit on the activity provides an adrenaline rush and further elevates the fun of the entire experience.

The feeling of emerging out as victorious provides a sense of euphoria and encourages people to revisit the escape room and also find new ones with new challenges and puzzles. Participants have devised many fool-proof ways to complete the obstacles provided in the escape rooms and win. Some ways or tips that people can use to ace their escape room experience are:

Planning in advance

Before visiting an escape room it would be highly beneficial if participants plan in advance and keep some basic things for the escape room ready with them. Carrying a watch or a stopwatch is highly beneficial if the escape room does not provide a real time clock.

In addition to that it could be a great way to check your own progress and examine how many obstacles you have cleared in the time taken. Another perk if carrying a watch which glows could be that it might help in dimly lit rooms to cast a light on objects.

Wearing comfortable clothing could also be an additional advantage. You shouldn’t wear restricting clothing which might hinder your movement through different rooms. Comfortable shoes and not wearing heels or heavy boots could be an added bonus.

Eating before hand and being appropriately filled and hydrated will help you focus on the puzzles and not on an empty stomach or a parched throat.

Choosing your team

Most escape rooms don’t have any strong policies against the team and the number if teammates that can be included. However one must choose their team and number of teammates wisely. A large group of people can lead to chaos and waste of time. The more the number of people the more ideas that would be brought up and more time that would be wasted in testing and trying each idea. Also escape rooms are usually small spaces and it would be inadvisable to crowd up the space where people might bump into each other and might even hamper possible clues.

Then your teammates should be those with whom you are comfortable and can work in a coherent manner. Avoiding ego clashes and bickering could save the participants a lot of time.

Dispersion of work

The work should be divided amongst the teammates where some people work on analytical problems, some people look for missing and hidden objects and some people look and decipher clues. This would save time which is a precious asset and would also result in enhancing the progress.

Listen carefully

Most escape rooms have a host which provides hints and it is imperative to listen carefully and then work on the obstacle. The host can usually monitor your moves and can guide you if you are heading in the wrong direction.

Learn to ignore

Another important tip could be to ignore things which you might think are important but is a dead end and leading to little or no progress. Escape rooms are designed to confuse you and in many ways are uncanny and mischievous to mislead you hence if you feel that even after spending a good amount of time on a puzzle it’s not profitable you should ignore it. Some serial numbers on furniture ans power sockets which might entice you to decode them are usually not a clue of any sort.

Above all going into an escape room one should be relaxed and open to losing. Escape rooms are meant to be fun and hence should not cause any further anxiety in your life and in the end should be an amazing and exciting experience.

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