An Exclusive Interaction with Prof. Vikas Singh, Executive Director, I.T.S Education Group

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New Delhi: Prof. Vikas Singh who is Executive Director of l.T.S The Education Group,started his career as Quality Engineer in Goenka Group in 1994,
Having over twenty four years of experience. Vikas have published one book; two cases; twenty five research papers; and guided several doctoral research works.

On Friday, Ten News Caught up Exclusively with the Visionary Man, Prof. Vikas Singh at ’12th World Education Summit 2018′, Delhi. Speaking to Ten News about the Summit he said,

“I thank the organizer of Summit, to invite me to participate and chair this Summit. This in one platform where so many people can come and share their experience. It’s an opportunity to learn from each other. I was discussing on a topic which is self directed professional education or you can say professional development. I’m very happy to be participating in a panel, the other panelist also shared very intresting ideas. There was a IAS officer who spoke about Education in a very good way. So it’s a very good platform.”

While talking about the merits and demerits of technology for the education, he said,

“You know these are all equipments. Equipments basically is lots of instruments. Ofcourse they can be used for the other purposes but if these equipments are used for the academics purpose they can be a strength to you and a big strength for learning.”

Speaking about the Future initiatives of ITS Education Group, he said,

“What we are trying to focus is on technology. We are motivating our students to depending on your choices to choose technology like we have five branches of engineering, we have mechanical, civil, chemical, computer science, electrical. In every branch we have identified a new technology. So these are the technologies of future.”

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