Friends Star Courtney Cox Receives star at Hollywood Walk Of Fame

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New Delhi (India), 1st March 2023: Hollywood Icon Courtney Cox received her star at the Hollywood Walk Of Fame. She unveiled the star in the presence of her co-stars on the 90s TV show ‘Friends’.

The Hollywood Walk of Fame in Los Angeles California is a historic landmark and an extremely prestigious honour bestowed upon celebrities who have had an exceptional career and an impactful contribution to the industry. Courtney Cox who played the role of ‘Monica’ in the legendary Television sitcom ‘Friends’.

Her co-stars Jennifer Anniston and Lisa Kudrow were also present at the ceremony. The two actresses also delivered a heartfelt speech for their friend, they expressed their happiness and stated how proud they were of their co-star turned friend.

Jennifer Anniston while congratulating her friend took to Instagram and said “Very proud of our girl courteneycoxofficial today. I love these women with literally every ounce of my heart and soul lisakudrow and I were on a cloud being able to celebrate her and her incredible achievements.”

The 58 year old Courtney also delivered a heartfelt acceptance speech on the occasion and expressed her gratitude and her elation after receiving her star.

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