FUJIFILM India unveils its new range of Healthcare imaging products at IRIA 2023

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8th February 2023: FUJIFILM India, a pioneer in healthcare imaging and information systems, announced the expansion of its product and solutions portfolio at the at the 75th National Conference of the Indian Radiological and Imaging Association (IRIA). During the four-day long conference, scheduled from 2nd – 5th February 2023 at Amritsar, FUJIFILM India unveiled revolutionary diagnostic machines. The new range includes ultrasound system Arietta 850 DeepInsight and Arietta 650 DeepInsight along with the new MRI machine APERTO Lucent Non DICOM printer APEOS. Additionally, the company also introduced “FUJIFILM Connect” a service & support mobile application.

The APERTO Lucent is a new age, Prime open MRI device which is equipped with IP-RAPID – a modern day technique that reduces scan times while maintaining high image quality by employing under sampling and image reconstruction with iterative processing which will result in Improved image quality with higher spatial resolution. The design of APERTO Lucent will provide high speed solutions combined with better patient experience.

Launched at IRIA 2023, the Arietta 850 DeepInsight and Arietta 650 DeepInsight are the latest ultrasound technology offering from FUJIFILM India. The new imaging brand “DeepInsight” consists of 5 elements Accuracy, Reproducibility, Visibility, Efficiency & Utilization of AI. The Utilization of AI means to achieve enhanced level of diagnostic image quality by the new technology which utilizes AI and it is “DeepInsight Technology”.  We believe that the new imaging brand “DeepInsight” can overcome the challenges our customers face, such as noisy images, examiner and patient dependencies etc. “DeepInsight” can let clnincian achieve more confident diagnosis by delivering these 5 essential elements. The combination of the “DeepInsight Technology” as well as our existing core technology of “eFocusing” and “Carving Imaging” allows us to produce the ideal ultrasound image.

The FDX Visionary-DR launched at IRIA 2023 is a bone density scanner which will support for a wide range of solutions for Bone Densitometry and Body Composition Analysis. The product is an advanced system using 2D-Fan Beam technology to perform fast and high image quality examinations. It offers good Connectivity features where multiple users on different workstations can quickly import or export exams through DICOM from FDX Visionary-DR to the PACS and RIS. It is positioned to provide a comfortable diagnostic experience for both patients and practitioners.

Also introduced at the exhibition was the APEOS medical printer which is a compact multifunction and single-function A4 Laser Printer. This easy-to-manage & control printer is Powerful and Multi-feature oriented, combined with a high-yield toner cartridge & a fast-printing capacity. Available with numerous versatile features, this is compatible with ultrasound and endoscopy, non DICOM images.

The Fujifilm Healthcare, Service & Support Mobile App “FUJIFILM Connect” was also launched at this event by dignitaries & committee members of IRIA. The mobile app is a one-stop solution to manage the service and support of Fujifilm Healthcare products. Made with the latest User Interface standards, the mobile app will have sections of “My Products” that will store details of the products used, “Raise tickets” to register a complaint from the app along with “Explore Products” where customers can explore the range of FUJIFILM healthcare products and enquire to buy them as well. The effort is to enhance the convenience and the user experience of customers.

As part of the event, FUJIFILM India also displayed its latest healthcare medical devices like Full Field Digital Mammography (FFDM) – Amulet Innovality, Healthcare IT: Synapse PACS, USG – Arietta and FDR: X-air.  The cutting-edge Amulet Innovality, a highly advanced breast cancer diagnostic tool which enables women to experience early detection of breast cancer. The SYNAPSE PACS improves efficiency and workflow whilst enhancing access to patient data. The Arietta Series of Ultrasound is designed to provide high quality imaging across a broad clinical range that includes abdominal, cardiac, and vascular applications ensuring enhanced accuracy and safety to transform ultrasound diagnosis. Ultralight, compact, battery-powered and portable digital X ray machine, FDR Xair helps combine deep learning in its artificial intelligence (AI) technology with Fujifilm’s image processing heritage.

Milind Soman, Brand Ambassador for Healthcare and Instax Division, FUJIFILM India said“Health should always be a primary concern for everyone. A healthy physique is significant for quality living and the best defense against the numerous diseases in the world. I extend my strong support to FUJIFILM India for contributing towards a healthy future for people and provide them with quality healthcare, which is a powerful weapon towards early detection of curable diseases. It is an honor to be associated with a leading imaging brand to support them in this cause which envisions to raise awareness around early screening of diseases and make the world a healthy place.”

Speaking on the occasion Mr. Chander Shekhar Sibal, Executive Vice President & Head of Medical Division at FUJIFILM India said, “Today’s healthcare enterprises are entirely focused on improving the quality of healthcare and FUJIFILM India has always been at the forefront of healthcare innovation and advanced imaging solutions keeping in mind the industry needs. With the new launches at IRIA, our aim is to provide high-value healthcare imaging solutions using cutting-edge technologies as digitalisation and AI in healthcare become more prevalent. We are honored to present our diverse range of medical systems at this year’s IRIA. We created these technologies to provide patients with comfortable and efficient procedures while also assisting clinicians in providing the best possible patient outcomes.”


FUJIFILM India has consistently pushed forward to improve healthcare diagnostic standards, helping to make the world better and fitter. As a result, FUJIFILM India is continually using technology to produce forward-thinking medical equipment and technologies in order to construct a line of medical care that will strengthen the country’s medical infrastructure and provide healthcare facilities to millions of people. FUJIFILM is committed to providing Indians with the most cost-effective diagnostic technologies available. Its technical and innovative prowess is unrivaled in the business, and with each passing year, it cements its position as the industry’s pioneer in medical imaging and other diagnostic services.

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