Galgotias University becomes youngest university in India to get accreditation by NBA

Prasad Mali / Baidyanath Halder

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Greater Noida (07/02/2020) : Galgotias University recently became the youngest university and one of the very few private university in the country to get accreditation for 3 of its programs by National Board of Accreditation (NBA).

The expert committee of NBA had visited the Galgotias University and assessed the programs through rigorous assessment process, then finally the NBA approved the accreditation on Feb 4th of 2020.

This accreditation clearly indicates the commitment to excellence and plays a vital role in facilitating constant quality improvement in higher learning institutes.

This accreditation is a massive milestone for the university which is yet to complete a decade of its operations. The accreditation will enable the university to get better quantity and quality of students and it will also improve the employability of the students.

“This accreditation will also open the doors to 20+ countries under Washington accord where accreditations such as NBA accreditation is acknowledged,” informed Galgotias University VC Dr. Preeti Bajaj.

On the allocation to Education Sector in Union Budget, Dr. Bajaj, said, “Government has introduced a lot of new schemes and programs which are appreciable including its emphasis on skill development.”

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