Galgotias University CEO Dhruv Galgotia Recognized Among Most Influential Indians at Prestigious ELITE Magazine Event in New York

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Greater Noida, 22 Nov 2023: In a glittering event held against the iconic backdrop of the Statue of Liberty, Dhruv Galgotia, the CEO of Galgotias University, was acknowledged among the Most Influential Indians by ELITE Magazine. The prestigious event brought together exceptional achievers from various fields, creating a platform to celebrate outstanding talent on an international stage.

Expressing gratitude and humility, Dhruv Galgotia shared his excitement on social media, emphasizing the honor of being recognized among the elite. The CEO conveyed regret for missing the unforgettable gathering in person due to prior work commitments, highlighting the scale and significance of the event.

The event, hosted by ELITE Magazine, showcased remarkable Indian achievements on a global platform. It served as a testament to the impactful journeys of influential Indians who have made significant contributions in diverse fields.

Reflecting on the recognition, Dhruv Galgotia stated, “It’s an honor to contribute to a space that magnifies excellence and showcases the impactful journeys of influential Indians. The evening was not just a celebration of individual achievements but a collective recognition of the talent that emanates from our vibrant nation.”

Galgotias University, under the leadership of Dhruv Galgotia, has gained prominence for its commitment to academic excellence and innovation. The acknowledgment by ELITE Magazine adds another feather to Galgotia’s cap, recognizing his role as a leader contributing to the global narrative of Indian achievement.

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