Galgotias University Cyber Cell Hosts Cyber Knight Event

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Galgotias University’s Cyber Cell, in collaboration with IEEE, recently organized a dynamic event, Cyber Knight, The event, themed around Moon Night, showcased an amalgamation of intellect and innovation, emphasizing the “Quality Education” sustainable development goal.

The Cyber Knight event brought together tech enthusiasts, cybersecurity experts, and students passionate about digital technologies. The event featured a diverse range of activities, including workshops, talks, and captivating Capture The Flag (CTF) challenges.

Ansh Bhawnani, renowned as “Bitten Tech,” commenced the event with a Cyber Talk on Personal Cybersecurity, enlightening the audience about the evolving landscape of cybersecurity. Following this, participants engaged in adrenaline-pumping CTF challenges, testing their hacking skills and problem-solving abilities.

Throughout the event, workshops by industry experts such as Lucky Thandel and  Tapan Kumar provided practical insights into cybersecurity techniques and methodologies. Cyber Talks by thought leaders like Tarun Tandon and Karan offered real-world experiences and strategies for securing networks and systems.

The event continued late into the night with lively cultural programs, DJ sessions, and intense CTF challenges, pushing participants to their limits. The second day of the event featured more workshops, Cyber Talks, and the final round of CTF challenges.

Notable guests, including Prof. Triveni Singh and Sachin Gupta, graced the event, adding prestige and depth to the discussions. The event concluded with an award ceremony recognizing outstanding participants, with Arvind Jain and Dr. K. Mallikharjuna Babu congratulating winners and participants.

Galgotias University’s Cyber Knight event was a resounding success, fostering knowledge exchange, skill development, and camaraderie among cybersecurity enthusiasts. Participants left with new connections, fresh perspectives, and a renewed passion for all things cyber.

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