Galgotias University hosts 3 Day Certificate Course on International Contracts and Real Estates

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The School of Law introduced and offered a one credit Certificate Course on International Contracts and Real Estate for all its students of Law from 10th to 13thApril,2024. The Certificate course was the initiative of Director Operations, Aradhana Galgotia whose unwavering support for the School of Law has always provided the Law School students with several instrumental opportunities.

The resource person Sanja Novosleic was cordially welcomed by Dr. Naresh Kumar Vats, Dean, School of Law. All the faculty and students of the Law school were enthused to participate and learn under her guidance. Sajna is an international attorney with expertise in contract drafting primarily in the area of real estate and intellectual property rights. She aids clients from both domestic and cross border transactions and is currently a very successful practising advocate.

In her lectures, she endowed students with the knowledge of intricate details on how to create a contract and the nature of litigation therein. Concepts such as share deal, full blown due diligence and the country position applicable in the implementation of the law on real estates were some of the major concepts discussed in the course. It also developed the argument that arbitration is an affirmative mechanism to resolve real estate related matters both nationally and internationally. Regular interaction and assessment was conducted for students to test their retention of the learnings before proceeding on advanced legal provisions. This certificate course  opened a new array and direction for the students of Law at Galgotias University to comprehend and pursue in their quest for career growth. The Certificate course ended with an evaluation of the concepts learned and students eagerly participating in the leaning outcomes.

The Course closed with a Vote of Thanks by the event Prof. (Dr) Namita Singh Malik, Professor, SOL and Co-ordinator of the certificate  course. The students were deeply content with the enriched learning derived from the short term course.

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