Girl in critical condition after being stabbed in one-sided love affair!


Prerit Chauhan / Saurabh kumar


Greater Noida: After so much of gender sensitization still situation for women is not getting better in Greater Noida. The graph of crime against women is increasing rapidly reflecting poor condition of law and order situation. In an incident near A K plaza of Jagat farm market, Greater Noida , where a boy allegedly in one sided love affair had stabbed a girl on her stomach before he injured himself with the same knife.

As per the police statement “Today in an incident around 11 AM in the morning, near A K plaza of Jagat farm market where a boy allegedly in one sided affair had stabbed the girl making her critically injured. After the assault, girl was taken to Kailash hospital in Greater Noida, where her situation is told to be critical.

Girl is identified as Khusboo a resident of Dadri. while the boy is identified as kuldeep, he is also a resident of Dadri. Girl use to work as a sales girl in showroom in the Jagat farm market while the boy owns a small shop in Dadri. A FIR is registered against the boy and will be arrested as soon as he will be discharged from the hospital.” Police told.

Ten News caught with the girl’s family Girl’s mother cracking with emotion told that, “Her daughter once spoke to her about a guy who use to follow her from couple of months. On her daughter complaint girl family went to police station. where the in- charge officer told them to come next time if that guy tries to tease the victim again..” She told.

As per Doctor Sanil Kapoor “Patient is im very critical situation as she has received grievous injury in her stomach. We had tried to stabilize her and also transfused blood to her but we can’t promise anything as she is very critical.

The overall incident shows the casual approach of police. when the victim complaint earlier to the police regarding a guy following her, police took it casually and did not take any serious action against the accused which has been now turned into a life risking incident.

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