GNIDA launches cleanliness drive to free city from unauthorized posters and hoardings!

Saurabh Kumar

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21/2/2018          Saurabh Kumar


Taking action against illegal hoardings and posters that are making city filthy Greater Noida Authority has launched a drive from Tuesday to demolish all the illegal hoardings containing advertisement.

On the first day of drive around 20 large hoardings were demolished near Gaur society. GNIDA officials said that they will keep a keen eye on every roundabout, public place market areas etc and will ensure not any unauthorized encroachment in form of hoardings.

Drive will be conducted in entire city at massive scale in presence of proper police protection so to avoid any kind of disruption in the initiative. Officers said that strict action will be taken against the offenders and No one will be spared as all significant places and every busy area will be scanned in coming days.

On the query of what other action can be taken towards such offenders, GNIDA officials informed that as we are still working on the advertising policy so as of now any clarity on fine to be imposed or penalty to be levied hasn’t been achieved however as per existing norms no such offenders will be left out.

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