Greater Noida Authority Officer’s daughter Sparks Startup Success: App Valued at Rs 27 Crore

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Greater Noida, India (08/04/2024): Anshika Singh, a resident of Sector 14A in Noida, has exemplified the adage that where there’s a will, there’s a way. Anshika, the daughter of OSD Santosh Kumar in Greater Noida Authority and hailing originally from Hathras, has not only realized her aspirations but also garnered recognition for her entrepreneurial prowess. Her journey from conceptualizing a unique app to achieving a commendable market valuation of Rs 27 crore within a span of two years has earned her accolades, including recognition from the Australian government.

Anshika’s trajectory to success began after she completed her 12th grade from DPS Noida and received a scholarship to the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in 2017. In 2022, fueled by her ambition and ingenuity, she founded Out-Read (, a startup aimed at revolutionizing document comprehension.

Out-Read offers users the convenience of extracting essential information from extensive documents within moments, condensing thousands of pages into succinct summaries. This innovation is particularly beneficial for academic institutions, research centers, and individuals preparing for competitive examinations, saving valuable time and effort.

Since its inception, Out-Read has garnered widespread acclaim and a substantial user base. Recognized as one of Australia’s premier startups, Anshika’s venture earned her praise from the Government of South Australia. Residing in Melbourne, she recounts the genesis of her idea during her academic pursuits, driven by a desire to establish herself independently.

Anshika’s vision extends beyond mere success; she aims to elevate Out-Read’s market valuation to approximately Rs 2.5 thousand crore over the next five years. Collaborating with her classmate Janhvi Choudhary from Ghaziabad, she remains steadfast in her commitment to popularize the app across educational institutions, corporations, and research facilities, ensuring widespread accessibility and utility. With initial investment support from notable figures like Google’s chief scientist Jeff Dean and US company Tech Star, Anshika’s determination and innovation serve as a testament to the power of ambition and perseverance in achieving entrepreneurial success.


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