Greater Noida Residents List Expectations for 2018 : Cleanliness, Traffic maintenance, Safety major demands!

Ashish Kedia

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(31/12/2017) Greater Noida :

As year 2017 is about to end, Ten News approached various eminent citizens of Greater Noida to ask them about their expectations with this city for the Year 2018. Many citizens made us aware of their views and spoke at lengths about their expectations from the city of fairies, fountains and flowers that Greater Noida was planned to be.

Greater Noida resident Sudhir Sharma said, “Swachhata/general cleanliness/waste management; effective traffic management/safety/discipline; strict law enforcement/anti encroachment civic regulation/action that enhances investor and citizens’ confidence and spurs growth. The city should prepare in earnest as Jewar airport gives it an added momentum.”
Talking about his expectations from the city and concerned authorities Vipin said, “We expect Greater Noida to be cleaner and Greener in years ahead…Also we expect that better traffic management will be enforced.. Situation is going out of hand as far as traffic is concerned. Greater Noida Authority should start planning flyovers and underpasses immediately as traffic is increasing day by day…Better policing for safer city is also expected”

Columnist Vanita Srinivas added, “I wish we work towards cleanliness. My submissions are specific. All the three lanes endings in f block behind kadamba shopping centre are developed into walkable lawns and a small dustbin is hanged so that people who are habitual of throwing trash in corners etc . to throw it in the dustbin”.
Expressing her wish to contribute in the initiative she also said that she would also like to know who can help me do this.
Government worker Harpal Singh said, “Concerned authority must ensure that no stray animals shoudl come on Noida-Greater Noida expressway as it cause great inconvenience to commuters and leads to accidents as well”.
Educationalist Ajay said, “Good quality of water supply should be ensured in Noida sectors. Very often water supplied is full of soil and bad smell”.

Adite Banerjie listed out her expectations in prioritized order and said, “Expectation from Greater Noida administration: 1. They will take adequate steps to ensure shop keepers keep the commercial areas clean and garbage free and they will not be allowed to litter public spaces outside their shops /offices.  2) that the Greater noida Authority will appoint a responsible NGO to carry out sterilisation of stray dogs in the sectors.  To ensure that the stray population is controlled and provide safety to residents”.

So these are some expectations that Greater Noida residents have with the city for the upcoming year. As of now we can just remain hopeful that lists gets completely changed at the same date next year!

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