Historic ceremony of consecration of Ram Lala celebrated at Galgotias University


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Five hundred years of penance have culminated today. Lord Shri Ram Lala has been enshrined in a magnificent and divine temple at his birthplace, Ayodhya. To make this occasion even more memorable, devotees and descendants of India residing both in the country and abroad celebrated it as a grand festival. It seems as though nature itself had become imbued with the spirit of Rama.

Students and teachers celebrated this sacred festival with great joy and enthusiasm at the campus of Galgotias University. Everyone came together and recited the first chapter of Ramayana (Sundar Kand) in the morning, followed by chanting of vedic verses by Vedic scholars. Throughout the day, students presented various episodes based on the life of Lord Shri Ram through bhajans, captivating the audience and leaving them spellbound. In the evening, a grand program of Deepotsav was organized.

A beautiful model of the divine temple of Lord Shri Ram, built in Ayodhya, was adorned in the Galgotias University campus, becoming the center of faith for everyone throughout the day.

Sunil Galgotia, the Chancellor of Galgotias University, extended his greetings to the students and teachers of the university on this auspicious occasion, stating that Lord Rama is our life’s ideal. We should always live our lives with integrity and take a pledge on this sacred festival to never cause harm to anyone and to lead a life of benevolence. Helping those in need is true humanity.

Dr. Dhruv Galgotia, the CEO of the university, said that Lord Rama is a symbol of faith and culture. He is our ideal and loved by all. He always followed the instructions of his teachers and parents, no matter how great a sacrifice it required. The younger generation today must understand the importance of emulating the ideals of Lord Rama and turning their lives into exemplary ones. Best wishes to all on this sacred festival once again.

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