Holy War against COVID-19

By Dr. [Prof] R. K. Tuli

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All the work being done worldover in the name of medical research for tackling Covid-19 falls in the category of mere conjecture, and appears to be more business oriented than in service of humanity, whether it’s for validation of old drugs or development of new drugs or a vaccine.
It takes years to develop an appropriate vaccine or a drug – yet they come with serious limitations. But, here there is a horde to byepass all ethics to win the rat race (for commercial consideration).
Yet, all these sources at best can manufacture only a few million doses of drugs or vaccine, against requirement of needs of billions of people all over the world. Unfortunately, the governments’ short sighted-ness support this phenomenon.
Also, there is a flutter for developing / acquiring a huge need for ‘ventilators’ for ICU beds in our hospitals. What matters is not only the cost of acquiring these machines, but what deters is the highly skilled manpower required for their use and maintenance. It’d need several years to train medical, nursing and paramedical staff to train to handle these sophisticated machines.
This all is promoted in the garb of scientific medicine, but it’s being carried out at the peril of ignoring time honoured wisdom of Traditional Vedic Medicine. It ignored the advice of Ministry of AYUSH.
It’s our honourous duty to guide the people to not panic and draw confidence from the fact that they can safeguard themselves by enhancing their naturally gifted immunity – by routine mass practice of YOGA: Asanas – Pranayamas – Dhyana & Relaxation Techniques like Yoga Nidra, etc. People need to be advised that their Immunity shall benefit by Ayurvedic ‘SATVIK’ nutrition and intake of common home based herbs like tulsi, turmeric, clove, cinnamon, ginger, garlic, peppar, honey, green tea, etc. In addition to all other hygiene measures like frequent hand washing, it shall be beneficial to do hot-water saline gargles two to three times a day.  Steam inhalations may be started early in case of onset of any symptoms of  common cold or upper respiratory catarrh.
 All these practices will boost their Universal Immunity which shall not only protect them from the Covid-19 infection, but all other germs in the air including dengue, chikungunya, malaria, brain fever, etc. too.
It’s the right time to evaluate the efficacy of our traditional vedic ‘bhedan kriya’ recognised as the system of Acupuncture by the W.H.O. since 1982 as a complementary therapy for patients under quarantine or showing signs of worsening. It offers a tremendous potential in improving healing and thereby recovery rates of patients leading to restoration of positive health.
The leadership of the country should promote it nationally and at state level like the ‘clapping’, ‘candle lighting’ or the display by Armed Forces.
This will lead to enhanced UNIVERSAL IMMUNITY [against all other infections like flu, dengue, chikan gunia, etc., too çoncurrently],  at the same time improving people’s health to cope up with anxiety of the Pandemic.
In the long run this comprehensive approach to defeat the Corona-19 pandemic shall lead to even contain incidence of all Non Communicsble Diseases like various psychosomatic disorders, diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, strokes, hormonal disturbances, autoimmune diseases, etc.
It’s BOOM TIME to lead the nation to encash this Blessing brought in by the Adversity of Corona.
Let’s express our GRATITUDE to the side-effect of the Pandemic which has led to rejuvenating of our whole environment. We had otherwise failed, inspite of tremendous expense running into lakhs of crores of rupees and all the available technology. Let’s divert long term savings on this account to support the vulnerable in the nation.
This situation, also, brings in a vast opportunity to promote manufacturing and revolution in ‘Make-in-India’. Our planners may take care to promote micro, small and medium enterprises close to people’s home to enable them to get a life of dignity, instead of pulling them to the metros to create and live in the slums.

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