Hoopr enters B2B vertical; launches Music Licensing for Brands, Digital Platforms, Production Houses, and Agencies

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30th January 2023, Mumbai: India’s leading music licensing platform Hoopr has now launched plans for brands, production houses, agencies, digital platforms, etc., to license music. This marks Hoopr’s entry into the B2B segment after raising $1.5mn in seed funding and the subsequent acquisition of 65,000+ users across India since July 2022.

The need for music licensing has grown exponentially with the growth in video content. This is because having the right music in a video sets the tone and adds tremendous value in terms of keeping consumers engaged. The impact of this engagement and relativity as far as the content is concerned has core business implications for brands, agencies, studios, and digital platforms. As a result, all aspects that can add to users’ engagement are vital. This of course includes music.

Additionally, the kinds of clearances needed for using music in a wide variety of scenarios – from ads to brand videos to influencer campaigns to films, are vastly different. Not using the right license can have grave consequences. This is exactly where Hoopr comes in.

Hoopr, India’s leading music licensing marketplace offers these specific kinds of clearances for businesses of all types – ad agencies, film studios, digital platforms, Radio & TV, podcast and audiobook platforms, influencer agencies, etc. In addition to this, what Hoopr has done is build a library of songs, background scores, themes, and sound effects that are sourced from all over India. Furthermore, the structure of the website is such as that discovering these thousands of tracks is very easy due to the highly intelligent search feature as well as the easy navigability on the platform.

Hoopr’s subscription for B2B platforms is structured in a way that ensures its customers don’t have to worry about royalties, copyright issues, etc. Crucially, this means that using music from Hoopr helps users avoid takedowns and lawsuits.

Giving further insights, Gaurav Dagaonkar, CEO and Co-founder, Hoopr, said, “Businesses today are adopting the mindset of a creator and taking steps to put out content that is relevant to their target audience on a daily basis. Considering the growth of the internet and the increase in consumption of video, a large chunk of this content released by brands or on behalf of brands is in the form of videos. Against this backdrop, the need for copyright safe music that is cleared across multiple platforms has emerged as a strong need. At Hoopr, we’re not only addressing this exact need but are also offering a diverse collection of music that is very diverse and as a result a perfect fit with different use cases and geographic sensibilities across India. We’ve also priced the product in a way that ensures accessibility across the board – from start-ups to large businesses. Furthermore, we’re also offering custom solutions for enterprises such as digital media platforms and brands.”

The clearance of Hoopr’s B2B licence covers platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Podcasts, Tiktok, and other avenues such as radio, TV, OTT, etc.  In addition to this, the business plans offered by Hoopr also allow for the usage of licensed music in live commerce and on influencer-led videos. With new channels of user acquisition such as these becoming ever more prevalent and providing tangible gains for brands across the board, it’s imperative to utilize the best available resources for such activities. This includes music where not only would an entity want music that is specifically curated for a particular use case or theme, but that which is also cleared for usage on such channels.

The story of Hoopr’s growth has been centred on two elements – the vast array of experience that the team (Starting with the Co-founder and CEO himself) brings to the table and the willingness to embrace technology. In fact, Dagaonkar adds that Hoopr aims to become a full stack music tech company in the near future.

Hoopr is seeing 100% year-on-year growth in the number of users since its launch, and these users include content creators, filmmakers, enterprises, and brands across India. Some of its users include content creators such as Ashish Vidyarthi and Tanya Khanijow, along with brands such as New Jagran Media.

It is noteworthy to mention that many of the films that recently won awards at the India Film Project have used songs from Hoopr. The artists of these songs got their due credit and recognition, which might not have happened if they weren’t on the platform.

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