How FurnitureRoots is Spearheading India’s Furniture Export Initiatives

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It has been more than 6 years since the call of “Make in India” gave new breath to India’s ailing manufacturing industry. Although reforms have been slow & gradual, they have been steady & transparent. 

Additionally, the causes of the pandemic which can be traced back to mishandling by the Chinese authorities has sparked a worldwide resentment to Chinese products making it an opportune moment for a county like India to showcase its strengths in certain industries where it already has a strong foothold. 

Industries like cement, steel, automobile ancillaries & furniture are ripe for the taking provided favourable policies that do not stifle entrepreneurship are adopted by the Government. 

One such company that has woven this message into the company’s vision & mission is FurnitureRoots, a relatively new company that has quickly learnt the ropes when it comes to furniture manufacturing & export. It has set the precedent for other manufacturing companies to emulate. 

The firm has taken the already robust supply ecosystem in Jodhpur to the next level by integrating modern technology in the form of digitization & combined it with the abundance of skilled & semi-skilled labour in Jodhpur to ensure that global customers are easily able to discover & identify not just the company itself but Jodhpur & India as a furniture manufacturing behemoth. 

The founders realized early on that there was a high demand for furniture in western themes like Industrial style & Rustic themes & their sub-variations like French-industrial & modern-rustic

In fact, even furniture built out of solid wood did have a healthy demand in the western countries which China simply wasn’t catering to in the most optimal/qualitative manner. Additionally, these countries also were inclined to sourcing handcrafted furniture & Jodhpur has been the hub of handicrafts since the last 4-5 generations. 

FurnitureRoots also operates in another potentially large business market which again sets the precedent for other Indian manufacturers to follow suite, the hospitality furniture business, which mainly includes furniture for hotels & furniture for restaurants & cafes not only to hospitality establishments in India but also across the world. 

The hospitality furniture industry is largely driven by designs, styles & themes which more often than not, requires a high degree of skill & craftsmanship more than the need for cutting-edge technology. 

Moreover, hoteliers & restauranteurs rarely prefer modern & contemporary style designs over traditional & handcrafted designs since they prefer for their establishment to boast a particular “theme” more than anything else. 

All of this does require a fair bit of expertise in furniture design & styling. The company has been able to gain a strong foothold by employing award-winning artisans & giving them the right infrastructure & equipment to give birth to some vivid & funky furniture types & categories like furniture made out of bone inlay, car-themed furniture & so on. 

The manufacturing facility, built under the aegis of the Jodhpur Development Authority for promoting furniture manufacturing in the country is situated at 

  • Plot no 58/2, Jodhpur-Pali highway, Sangariya, Basni Baghelao, 342013 

And can be reached at +91 9769003311 to gain advice directly from the founders of the company

Although the facility is not as large as compared to several top exporters, it does boast an impressive size for a boutique furniture manufacturing company. 

These government bodies are expected to fast track approvals & permissions which enables aspiring entrepreneurs & businesses to focus less on regulatory hurdles & invest in other important aspects of the business. 

If this sentiment continues, it could make way for a successful implementation of the Make in India initiative in at least one sector.

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