IDE Bootcamp organized by Innovation Cell of Ministry of Education concludes at Galgotias University

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The two-day IDE Bootcamp organized by the Innovation Cell of the Ministry of Education concluded at Galgotias University.

Chief Guest Dr. Anita Gupta started her speech by explaining in detail about innovation and said that all of you principals and teachers have come here. All of you together have to provide a new direction to today’s new generation with a better thinking in the coming time. So that all those children of today can play their important role in building a bright future of the nation. Expressing her concern over the environment, she said that the weather patterns are getting worsened day by day. Global warming is increasing, due to which the glaciers will continue to melt and in the future a great crisis will arise for the existence of all mankind and for the whole nature. We have to take small steps from today itself to protect it. Such as tree plantation, ban on the use of plastic, use of electric vehicles will have to be given more attention. To save the earth, we must take these very important and small steps. Recently, 194 countries have started working together on this. We have to work with full honesty and sincerity to solve its problems. Only then will we be able to realize Hon’ble Prime Minister’s dream of “Developed-India” by 2047 and India will once again be called the Golden Bird. Moreover; once again you will be able to become a world guru. I express my heartfelt gratitude to Galgotias University for organizing this event successfully.

Dr. K. Mallikarjuna Babu, Vice Chancellor, Galgotias University said that the objective of this IDE bootcamp is to develop a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship within the education sector, equipping participants with the skills and knowledge required to promote creativity, problem-solving and resilience among students.

The bootcamp included a diverse array of workshops, seminars and interactive sessions, led primarily by industry experts along with a few sessions from the Wadhwani Foundation with Master Trainer. Participants immersed themselves in discussions on topics ranging from design thinking and prototyping to business model development and venture creation.

Dr. Dhruv Galgotias, CEO, Galgotias University said, throughout the event, attendees had the opportunity to explore innovative approaches by engaging in hands-on activities aimed at nurturing an entrepreneurial mindset and fostering collaborative problem-solving skills among students.

With initiatives like IDE Bootcamp, the Innovation Cell of the Ministry of Education continues to pave the way for a more dynamic and forward-thinking education system in India. By empowering educators with the tools and resources needed to develop innovation and entrepreneurship in the classroom, MIC is laying the foundation for a brighter future for students across the country. The youth of the country should work on their tasks with their full energy along with innovative thinking, so that they can establish new records.

The nodal officer of the program, Meenakshi Sharma shared the following details of the bootcamp:

Total number of principals in this two-day program: 165
Total Number of Teachers: 83
Total Number of Schools: 165 (Kendriya Vidyalayas: 82; Govt. Inter Colleges: 83)
Total No. of Specialists/Trainers: 07
Total number of districts of UP: 43

She thanked everyone for the success of the program and said that such programs will be helpful in playing an important role in building a bright future of the students.

The Innovation Cell (MIC) of the Ministry of Education, working under the Government of India, organized a two-day Innovation Design and Entrepreneurship (IDE) Bootcamp at Galgotias University on 4th and 5th April.

Attracting an impressive crowd of over 250 participants including principals and senior teachers of PM Shri Schools in various districts of Uttar Pradesh, the event proved to be a pivotal moment in the advancement of entrepreneurship education at the school level.

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