IMA President Urges Society to Respect Doctors and Promote Organ Donation on Doctor’s Day


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Dr. Sharad Aggarwal, the President of the Indian Medical Association (IMA), shared his insights on various topics in commemoration of ‘Doctor’s Day’ on July 1st.

In comversation with Ten News Network’s consulting editor Bipin Sharma, Dr. Aggarwal emphasized the significance of Doctor’s Day as a tribute to the remarkable contributions of Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy, a dynamic leader in the healthcare system. He expressed the IMA’s commitment to giving back to society and highlighted the relaunch of the ‘Aao Gaon Chalein’ campaign on June 25th.

Dr. Aggarwal noted that Dr. Ketan Desai led the campaign in Gandhinagar, which reached 1700 branches of the IMA. He also mentioned the Blood Donation Camp organized by the association on July 1st.

When asked about the major accomplishments of the IMA, Dr. Aggarwal acknowledged the association’s extensive achievements since its inception before independence. He specifically highlighted the IMA’s instrumental role in addressing HIV/AIDS in India during the late 90s and early 2000s. Despite initial fear among doctors about treating AIDS patients, the IMA sensitized and educated healthcare professionals on proper treatment.

Addressing the issue of Tuberculosis, Dr. Aggarwal stated that the IMA is striving to eliminate TB by 2025, earlier than the previously set goal of 2030, even without government support.

Dr. Aggarwal also emphasized the IMA’s commendable efforts during the COVID-19 pandemic, where doctors and healthcare workers risked their lives to combat the virus. He mentioned the loss of 2000 healthcare workers and highlighted the global recognition of India’s management of the pandemic.

Regarding the recognition of the IMA’s achievements by the World Medical Association (WMA), Dr. Aggarwal confirmed that the WMA acknowledges the IMA’s contributions. He mentioned that Dr. Ketan Desai, a former President of the WMA, and himself, as a council member of the WMA, have a significant voice within the organization.

When questioned about attacks and vandalism targeting doctors, Dr. Aggarwal expressed gratitude for raising awareness of this issue and emphasized that doctors are trained to serve the community with a healing touch. He urged the media to sensitize society about the realities of medical outcomes, stressing the importance of ending violence against doctors.

Dr. Aggarwal debunked myths surrounding organ donation and highlighted the significant gap between organ demand and supply. To raise public awareness, the IMA is organizing a “Mammoth Walkathon” on August 3rd, observed as Organ Donation Day.

Addressing the youth, Dr. Aggarwal’s message was simple yet powerful: “Please become good human beings.”

The conversation then turned to the relationship between Ayurveda and modern medicine. Dr. Aggarwal emphasized the IMA’s respect for all medical paths, highlighting the importance of maintaining purity in each discipline.

Regarding the issue of quackery, Dr. Aggarwal clarified that the government and administration hold the responsibility in this matter, while the IMA cannot interfere.

Lastly, Dr. Aggarwal discussed the alarming rise in non-communicable diseases such as hypertension and diabetes in India. He attributed this trend to sedentary lifestyles, excessive consumption of junk food, and a lack of physical activity. He emphasized the need to return to basics, including practicing yoga, engaging in outdoor sports, and adopting healthy eating habits.

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