Indian Muslim League (IML) Parlementarian ET Muhammad Basheer opposes citizenship bill

Shaihzad Abid/Rahul Kumar Jha

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New Delhi: IML Parlemterian told Ten News, “the Citizenship Act and 124 Constitution Amendment Act, what I have breif in this Press Conference is the citizen Amendement Act is to be protested because it is not with good intension, it may create a lot of confusion specially in north eastern states, where migration has taken place so that it is unwanted kind of thing, so that is to be objected and we have done it in the Parliament also”.

“With regard to this reservation, reservation is what , it is just to bridge the gap between the upper community and backward community. Backward community is marginalised due to historical reasons, caste system was
prevailed in this country, they were neglected and they were marginalised, in order to bridge the gap in the feild of
education and employment that was done. There was no logic in giving financial criteria for reservation, this government is adopting

that is against the basic principle of reservation so we have objected that, Basheer added.

Citizenship bill which was passed in Lok Sabha, bill seeks to facilitate granting of Indian citizenship for non-Muslim migrants from Bangladesh, Pakistan and Afghanistan.

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