Introspecting life during those solitude moments

Dr Anuj

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Those few moments, maybe be few minutes, when the sleep is at the doorstep, yet to hit the eyes, and we rest our stress laden head on the coziness of the soft pillow, waiting to be engulfed by the sweet caress of a deep slumber. There is a time period, an interval…I call it, “The Lucid Interval”, rather an “Emotional Lucid Interval” when the mind and heart are shutting off for the day.

This is the time when the day’s activities, the ups and downs, the grievances, the pardons etc, do a somersault and roll in front of our eyes and make us realize how the day went by.  It tells is about how good or bad, we behaved with the people around us.

This is like standing in front of the mirror and viewing our countenance and making a judgement towards our own doings through the day by analyzing whose heart we broke, how many tears we wiped, how many lies we spoke, and how many actual good deeds did we do in the entire day.

These moments have an overall ‘healing touch’, and have the capacity to change the perspective and the mental state, thus affecting the personality and our reaction to the unforeseen situations.

Please, do talk to yourself in those moments…In the silence of the night when everyone and everything is dead, let the inner fire come alive…

Remember that at this time, your soul is in audience, and when the soul is doing the talking, the ‘self-enlightenment’ prevails…It is nothing but, a ‘Divine Introspection’.

Let the brain do the ‘analysis’, and the heart do the ‘healing’.

Do listen to them before you sign off for the day, and commune with the caress of impending sensuous sleep.

The next morning will usher in a new dawn that may catapult one to a different echelon altogether. This is because of the ‘healing and rejuvenation’ that one has given to their body and mind by channelizing their cosmic energy at the critical lucid interval. Those moments of meditation and self realization are the elixir of good and positive living because the benefit is not only reaped by the people around us, but more importantly to the one that indulges in such introspection.

(Country’s noted hand surgeon and microsurgeon, Dr. Anuj is the recipient of the prestigious P. N. Wahi Gold Medal for Pathology and B. C. Roy Gold Medal for Medicine. Buoyed by the success of his Hindi poetry book entitled ‘Bhavranjini’, Dr Anuj turned over a new leaf by penning his first fiction novel entitled “That Erotic Silence” that is a thought provoking book which presents an emotional voyage of a child from age three till adolescence.)


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