Launch of IDE Bootcamp for School Teachers Marks Milestone in Educational Innovation at Galgotias University

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The Innovation, Design, and Entrepreneurship (IDE) Bootcamp for school teachers, a pioneering initiative aimed at nurturing educational innovation, kicked off amidst great anticipation at Galgotias University.

The inaugural ceremony commenced with the traditional lighting of the lamp and Saraswati Vandana, symbolizing the invocation of knowledge and wisdom. Distinguished guests, including Mr. Amitabh Nag, esteemed Vice Chancellor Dr. Mallikarjun Babu, former Vice-Chancellor and Advisor to Chancellor Dr. Renu Luthra, and Pro Vice Chancellor Dr. Avdhesh Kumar, graced the occasion with their presence, underscoring the significance of this collaborative endeavor.

Organized by the Council for Educational Innovation, in partnership with the Department of Educational Education and Literacy, Ministry of Education (MoE), Innovation Cell (MIC) of the MoE, AICTE, and NCERT, the IDE Bootcamp aims to empower educators to nurture the talent of the youth and guide them towards their aspirations.

In his keynote address, Chief Guest Amitabh Nag envisioned a future where multilingual communication would be seamlessly facilitated by technological advancements. Highlighting the progress in speech recognition and translation capabilities, Nag underscored the transformative potential of such innovations in fostering global connectivity.

Addressing the gathering, Vice Chancellor Dr. Mallikarjun Babu emphasized the paramount importance of ethics in education and beyond, stressing the indispensable role of moral values in shaping individual character and societal progress.

CEO Dr. Dhruv Galgotia, in his impassioned speech, lauded the boundless potential of the youth and urged them to seize the myriad opportunities available to them. Emphasizing the imperative of individual responsibility in nation-building, Dr. Galgotia called for unity and collaboration towards the collective goal of national development.

Former Vice-Chancellor Dr. Renu Luthra underscored the significance of holistic thinking and human relationships in academic leadership, drawing parallels with Archimedes’ legendary eureka moment. Dr. Luthra hailed the transformative promise of the New Education Policy 2020, envisioning a reinvigorated educational landscape aligned with the Prime Minister’s vision of a developed India by 2047.

Pro Vice Chancellor Dr. Avdhesh Kumar accentuated the pivotal role of innovation and research in institutional success, advocating for a nurturing environment conducive to technological advancement. Dr. Kumar emphasized the need for leadership qualities in fostering collaborative ecosystems for driving progress.

Ms. Meenakshi Sharma, the program’s nodal officer, provided insights into the extensive reach of the IDE Bootcamp, highlighting participation from 43 districts of Uttar Pradesh and a diverse array of educational institutions. The engagement of specialist trainers promises a transformative learning experience for all attendees, fostering innovation and excellence in education across the region.

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