Let’s douse the raging fire before it is too late

By Ankit Arora (National TV Political Analyst)

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When u have MPs like Rahul Gandhi ridiculing the 21st century reforms like “Make in India” and paraphrasing it as “Rape In India” to suit their political agenda’s…what more can be distressing than this…The shallow mindedness of some of our politicians stands fully exposed.

If Rahul is terming the country as the “Rape Capital” of the world, does that not tantamount to slamming of our Policing more than the governance.

I for one, will neither blame the government nor the police for the unabated incidents of rape in the country. The lacunas in our system are more to blame that eventually go on to bolster the perverts and the misogynists, as a result of which crime against women show no signs of respite.

As regards, the growing unrest in the country is concerned, I guess it is primarily due to the timeless appeasement and vote bank politics coupled with lack of awareness among the majority that has caused the situation to spiral out of control. The ruling dispensation needs to act tough, and not relent.
CAA is no way anti- any religion or anti- any community as is being perceived to.

The bitter reality remains the vested interest and the unending lust for regaining the lost power by some political parties that are on the verge of going into oblivion. No peace loving citizen of the county, would ever condone any act of violence by those striving to stoke violence and a riot like situation in the country.

The need of the hour is to give out a clarion call for peace and harmony. Better sense must prevail among those resorting to violence of any sort lest the law enforcing agencies will be compelled to undertake some very stern measures.

The perpetrators behind these dastardly acts of rioting must be identified and booked.
I was told tales of how my father and grandfather used to stand as human shields for safeguarding our Sikh brothers and sisters during the 1984 anti sikh riots.

We don’t want and cannot afford another re-run of the ghastly riots on the streets of Delhi and elsewhere.

Bill Clinton on his maiden visit to India quoted a famous poet and said, “The world is broadly divided into two categories of people, one who have seen the Taj and one who haven’t” Taking a leaf out of this golden saying, I will say, “India is broadly divided into two sets of citizens, Modi lovers and the ones who hate Modi to the core”. Ironically in this love-hate slugfest, let us not burn our country.
It is time to seriously assume ownership of the country, and not look the other way around when the country needs our contribution.

When the country belongs to each and every one of us, then why the need to spread panic and be gratuitously paranoid about something that does not exist.

The government has never talked about displacing citizens of any religion, then why add fuel to the fire and cause unbounded damage to our great Nation. The need of the hour is for “Nation Building” and not “Nation Destruction”.

For those that believe in selective outrage and brandish the government as communal and divisive, do we jog their memories that it was the present government that undertook the much needed scrapping of the highly regressive “Triple Talaaq” tradition that inflicted unimaginable pain and agony to Muslim women since time immemorial?

The damage done to Muslim women cannot be simply undone. Shah Bano is a classic instance in this context.

Besides the government and the law enforcing agencies, it is imperative on the part of every citizen to play his or her part in ensuring peace and harmony in the country. In these moments of mayhem, turbulence and turmoil, we simply can’t afford to be mute spectators. The raging fire needs to be doused at the earliest.

I am a sad Indian today as some ignorant fools term my great nation as “Rapistan” and “Lynchistan”.
Mere lip service won’t suffice on the part of politicians like Kejriwal and others. It is time to contribute genuinely and generously towards ensuring peace in the country.

Mere appealing won’t do any good. Let’s do part on ground zero, and educate our fellow countrymen about what is good and what is not. It is time to prove that we really love our country.
Peace and harmony must be restored at any cost.

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