Maiden century of @Modi with the giant sixer in #Japan – By #SanjayChaturvedi

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Modi, Modi and Modi. Its all around Modi. Doing magic on the people, undoubtedly. His media management is just out of the box. He knows how to be in news, particularly the positive one. With the century of days of his government on the envil, he has already made people realise that what his plans are and has also infused a ray of hope in the people of the country. The critics may say that this is exegeration of what he has done. They may say that he has just pinned hopes with false promises. But what about the results? He has made Pakistan think of the revenge India may take, he has threatened China with extending the hand of friendship with Japan , Nepal and Bhutan to let china realise that India is not a soft piece of cake to swallow easily. Reduction in the prices of petrol thrice in two months, that two at the stage when Iraq is on fire. Had the UPA government faced the same situation they would have increased the rates in the wake of the ongoing war situation in Iraq which no body would have questioned. Scrapping of Planning Commission was never on the cares of the government in power. But how it came to his mind and what he is planning to replace these commissions is yet to be seen. But it is a big step which anybody would not have dared just to avoid any criticism. Facing the sword of criticism is also a difficult thing in the public life.
Superceding all these steps, what he said in Japan on the fourth day of his five day visit is what made him the international hero. He said ‘People did not want to invest in India as the country was known for its ‘red tapism’. Instead he said, now the country would be waiting for investors with ‘red carpet’ with easy government process. He also said that while the Japanese are good at hardware in IT sector, Indians are on top in the Software part of IT and if both join hands they can do marvels in the IT sector of the world. He also went to meet the 95 year old friend of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, leaving behind all the protocols and security threats. He asked the ambassador there to film the interview of the person for one month so that all his memories about Netaji are stored for future generations. This is, again, something out of the box. Noone other than Modi could have thought about this. His presence of mind is really appreciable.Speaking in Hindi on all occasions is also a strengthening factor for the country. He also talked about the women power in his parliament and made a special mention of having a woman foreign minister in Sushma Swaraj. He invited the Japanese government and business segment to start their business in India offererd them that they would be given opportunity to train the Indian people as per their need. This would not only help the country to increase the level of technically educated population but woule also provide a comfort to the Japanese Industry for getting the labout skilled to their need. Proposal to have a bullet train link on the 500 km stretch of Ahmedabad-Mumbaii is yet another breakthrough to uplift the level of technology in India without any provision of fund allocation for the same as the stretch would be designed and made by Japan.
The rise in growth rate for the first time in the last two years, reduction in the level of inflation and practically reduction in the rates of vegetables in the market has proved that serious efforts are being initiated in the 100 days of Narendra Modi government. Apart from this he has been strict wth his council of ministers in keeping a check on corruption. As the unofficial reports said, he is keeping a check on every minister and his activities.

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