Narendra Modi promises Japan Inc ‘red carpet, not red tape’

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NEW DELHI: A day after he wound up a successful summit with Shinzo Abe, PM Narendra Modi spent Tuesday winning hearts and minds in Japan.

A consummate politician, Modi displayed his skills both at the drums and flute as well as bonded with the oldest living associate of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose. In between, he even found time to take a well-aimed swipe at his political detractors back in India about his decision to gift a Bhagvad Gita to the Japanese emperor. It was a day when Modi made great copy, and was clearly pleased at doing so.

Speaking to the Indian community in Tokyo, Modi delighted his audience with the wry comment, “We’ve had devaluation. We used to play with snakes, now we play with the mouse. When we move a mouse, the whole world moves.”

Simultaneously, the PM told the Japanese business community that a “red carpet, not red tape” awaits them when they come to India. “You please come, manufacture and make in India… we will ensure you have whatever you need for that,” he said, delivering the keynote address at the Tokyo Stock Exchange. “Just as India is focusing on Look East policy, we expect a Look at India policy from Japan,” Modi said to an audience of about 2,000, assuring Japan that “now a red carpet, not red tape, awaits you”.

Sticking to his alliterative catch phrases, Modi devised a new one for the Japanese. India, he said, epitomized the 3Ds — “demand, democracy and demography”.

At a performance by Japanese percussionists, Modi surprised them by jumping in to take a shot at playing the drums himself, enjoying the “jugalbandi”.

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