Manoj Bajpayee cooked culinary delights for ‘Killer Soup’ during the shoot

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Mumbai, Jan 7 (IANS) Actor Manoj Bajpayee, who is awaiting the release of his upcoming streaming series ‘Killer Soup’, embraced an unconventional role amid the intense shooting schedules — that of a hidden chef for the ‘Killer Soup’ team.

The actor shared that he used to cook and serve a new dish every week to the crew while shooting in Kerala.

Talking about the same, Manoj shared: “I started cooking about five years ago, and I very much enjoy it. I used to watch YouTube videos and learn new recipes. The unit, I believe, enjoyed it a lot because when we were shooting in Munnar and Kerala, I used to cook and serve a new dish every week. I cooked quite a lot in those three months.”

The actor further mentioned, “It was a refreshing break from the intensity of our scenes, and I found joy in experimenting with different flavours and dishes. It became a sort of tradition for us, a way to bond over meals and create a relaxed atmosphere on set.”

Co-star Konkona Sensharma chimed in saying, “Manoj is quite the chef, his Bihari mutton is simply delicious. Beyond the scenes and scripts, our shoot experience transformed into shared moments around food. It felt like one of those secret ingredients that added fun and togetherness to the ‘Killer Soup’ set.”

‘Killer Soup’ will drop on Netflix on January 11.



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