The Mean Conmen : How Some Frauds Attempting to Malign Holy Guru Parampara of India

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By vanita srinivas

This is a big world and the universe is much much bigger than the planet we live in. The magnanimity  of the cosmos makes us feel very tiny small and miniscule. This macrocosm is full of mysteries. A number of things happen dynamically every moment. It is absolutely beyond our comprehension and logical limits to understand all the events.

As a human being we experience the existence on a threefold platform. Life is having more than one decidedly dissimilar aspects. One is, physical (the body), second is the mental (the thought process) and the third is spiritual. Each one is entangled with the other and intricately influencing each other too. A set back in physical health, invariably changes our thought process and in turn a change in attitude influences our spiritual outlook. Likewise a spiritual bend puts everything materialistic in back ground.

Our existence and everything around us are so complexly entwined that it is hard to understand the cause and effect of events. This is the origin of confusion where we all take refuge in the wisdom of omnipotent and omnipresent God. It is more than convenient for us to believe that what all is happening is happening as per His will. We attribute events beyond our comprehension as luck and miracles. Luck and miracles are unexpected and pleasant surprises. We look for them at the end of every effort and hard work done. They are like an extra bonus gifted to us.

An iota of greed, a feeling of frustration and a fear of insecurity creates an intense desire for luck and miracles. As god is invisible to our faculties the weak ones turn towards Godmen, who guarantee a miracle. Dissatisfaction, Disgruntlement and Disappointment are the key feelings which land one at the feet of Dis (Dis is god of underworld; he is counter part of Pluto). Such Godmen are experts in taking advantage of scathed psyches. They project themselves as the shortcut to God and his miracles.

Hinduism allows equal opportunity for us to be a theist or an atheist. It neither supports nor contradicts the rituals. As a result all Hindus adopt a procedure and faith which suits them at the moment. The greatest strength of Hinduism lies not in the innumerable options we have in life but the rationality which we should exercise.

The role of Guru has been of great significance. He is the one who leads us through the path of rationality. But Alas! In the present times the dignity of Guru has deteriorated from Guru to Conmen. These so called Godmen are actually incarnation of Rakshasas. In fact their hunger for power, greed to possess and insatiable lust beats the rakshasas.

Life is equally fair or unfair to all of us. We all have our share of happiness and sufferings. Those who are strong wade through the rough waters, but those who are weak are swept into refuge of conmen. Our sincere efforts, faith in self and positivity alone can sail us through life. No one can do it for us, Not even God. We should brace the situations and not let the conmen take advantage of us. Life is precious. Nourish it, Cherish it but don’t perish it.

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