“National Service Scheme” program conducted by NSS teams of Galgotias University, concludes

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Under the supervision of Galgotias University, a seven-day special NSS camp was held in Bhaipur-Brahman Gaon, Greater Noida, from March 12th to March 18th 2024. The cultural program concluded today with various activities. Coordinator of NSS at Galgotias University, Pranjali Mishra, mentioned that on the first day, students surveyed the entire village and introduced themselves to the villagers. According to the scheduled program for each day, villagers were informed about Artificial Intelligence, Digital India. Accurate information about Ayushman cards was provided, and assistance was provided to those living below the poverty line to obtain Ayushman cards.

Understanding the importance of solar energy, students, while interacting with villagers, expressed their belief that with their wisdom and hard work, they can make India a global leader again in the future. This is also the dream of our honorable Prime Minister.

The next day, students extensively discussed the Indian government’s special theme “Developed India @2047.” There was a detailed deliberation on how India’s economy can achieve third place globally by 2047. Everyone expressed their thoughts on this subject.

Addressing the students, Vice-Chancellor Dr. K. Mallikarjun Babu said that success comes only through hard work. He urged students to work tirelessly for success.

Pro Vice-Chancellor Dr. Avdhesh Kumar emphasized the importance of positive thinking and yoga and meditation for mental health, especially for youth, to contribute significantly to nation-building by staying away from addictions. He encouraged the youth to stay on the path of Indian culture.
During this seven-day camp, a cleanliness campaign was conducted in the rural area. Information about traffic rules was provided, and the importance of wearing helmets was emphasized. It was stressed that wearing a seatbelt while driving larger vehicles is crucial. Special emphasis was placed on maintaining hygiene for women during menstruation, and sanitary pads were distributed.

Chancellor Sunil Galgotia stated that today’s youth is the true architect of tomorrow’s India. Therefore, the youth of the country should perform every task with dedication and honesty, so that they can build a better India tomorrow.

The Chief Executive Officer of the University, Dr. Dhruv Galgotia, urged students to work hard continuously for success. He praised the various programs carried out by students during the seven days, including cleanliness drives and tree planting, and said that this is just the beginning. The university will continue to organize such camps from time to time. He further stated that the main objective of organizing such camps is to connect students with the ideology of Mahatma Gandhi, so that they can build the India of Gandhi’s dreams.

India is the world’s largest democracy. Recently, Lok Sabha and several state assembly elections are scheduled to take place. Considering the special theme of the Indian government, “My First Vote,” students, along with villagers, organized a special symposium, emphasizing that together, they have to think and act on prioritizing their votes.

Addressing the students, Director of Operations at Galgotias University, Ms. Aradhana Galgotia, spoke on the most important topic, saying that today, we must pay full attention to the famous slogan of our honorable Prime Minister, “Save the Daughter, Educate the Daughter,” and respect his words from the heart. The magic of the Prime Minister’s slogan is evident in the significant changes happening. Daughters are enhancing the pride of the nation in all sectors, whether it be science, education, defense, or protecting the country’s borders. All of this is due to the magic of the Prime Minister’s slogan, which is bringing about so much change.

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